Monday, March 2, 2009

Getting base miles in

I am trying like mad to get my base miles in so I can have a firm foundation for the threshold training that is starting to come online. So Sunday Derek and I headed off to Burton. Yeah it was cold and so cold that when riding straight into a headwind I was getting a headache at first. But the sun was out and the sky was blue so it made for a gorgeous day to ride. We acclimated to the weather quickly.

It was a bit windy (mostly cross and head) and I was in no hurry so we took our time. After 40 miles we split ways and I headed for some more hills. I got tailwind finally for a good bit of the last hour which made the riding even better!! I headed home feeling good (and a bit tired) with 4hours and 9 minutes in. That beats the heck out of the 1 hour I got on my Computrainer Saturday. But on the Computrainer I got to climb a 3.5 to 6.5% grade climb for 27 minute at tempo pace.

My hope is to get in one or two centuries this month. Something I have not done in over a decade. I am most surprised I have any endurance at all what with all my training coming in 1 to 1.75 hour increments (except the last two weekends). but maybe I underestimating the training I get from the CT and Cross country skiing. The important thing is I have been feeling good on the longer rides, even if they are far form race pace.

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Tony said...

good to hear that you are getting in some good training ray! see you soon.