Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carbon Racing, Go Neutral!!

Dan teling us about carbon footprint
Hey all!! Brian, Tris and I are on a new team for 2009 and we are very excited. Tom Frueh is back too. I dont want to present too many details yet as everything is starting to come together, but I think weve got a wonderful message. Heres the teams Mission Statement: Carbon Racing is a Men’s and Women’s Elite Cycling Team. As the world becomes more aware of alternative energy Carbon Racing will lead by example in offsetting the energy used in our daily lives and cycling activities. We will educate fellow cyclists on our energy impact in travel, hotels and races while demonstrating ways to offset them. Our long term goal is to provide carbon offset services to event promoters.

I already try and encourage as much car pooling to every event as possible. Other things that we can do? We can bring water in reusable containers (not throw away PET bottles), pocket gell wrappers not toss on the road and even ask race promoters when possible to buy local for fruits and other race food.

We also want to make use of the experience of guys like Tris, Tom and Brian in developing young riders. So yes that means we hope to have a development squad and young riders. I am extra excited about that because of my coaching.

The New Team Carbon Racing

But like I said, not too many details yet, but I thank Dan and Erin and Sam for inviting us on this team. More details, Website, list of sponsors and everything coming very soon, I promise!

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PhysioJoe said...

Hi Ray, it is so exciting to see you are starting Carbon Racing! Your cause is one that has become very important to me. I was wondering if you were looking for riders to potentially be part of your development squad- if so, feel free to email me. I would be extremely interested! My name is Joe, and my email is jth6@uakron.edu