Monday, March 9, 2009

Outside on my TT bike??

That's not so strange except when you consider Ive logged many, many rides on it since Cross season ended and virtually none of it (save for a few hundred feet)has been outside. I didnt want to get it dirty and the kind of training I have been doing has been better on a fixed trainer anyways.

So with the rain over the weekend (which I let ruin my endurance riding plans)I figured all the salt has been washed down the drains. Do you think it will eventually end up back at the bottom of Lake Erie to re-solidify and someday be used again on our roads?

So with a recovery ride scheduled I rode to the top of Gates Mills and home. I LOVE riding my TT bike. Ive done a ton of work on it this winter and no matter how many times you ride it on a trainer you have to ride it on the road to truly know if its going to work.
P2SL ready for 2009
Well it feels really fast if that's possible. I feel ultra narrow and super low in front and the hundreds of tweaks has made my cadence or pedal stroke feel better than it ever has. And as narrow as Ive made the front I had no problems handling the bike or riding straight. A big concern of mine all winter as I kept making the bike narrower and narrower. I think my helmet will be a lot lower too so less up in the air for drag. I have to get some glasses without a frame or get a visor for my helmet though.

Its not all gravy. I already hit my knee on an arm rest today so I have got to remember to keep the nose of the saddle brushing the backs of my legs when I sprint or it could be one short TT at Presque Isle on April 26th. But moving the pads back was a critical part of the changes so that has to stay. A small compromise.

On another TT note my power has risen 10% already while in the aero tuck. Its nowhere near where it needs to be, but hey, its going in the right direction at least!! Sadly I doubt there's another 10% in there, but one can hope!!

If weather is good tomorrow I'll finally ride fast outside on it to work and back blasting short LT and some anaerobic intervals. If not, ho hum...back on the trainer again. Its hooked up to it already just in case. I'm only on my second viewing of the entire Hobbit series for the winter. I wont even try and count how many times Ive had Paris Roubaix 2007 on, volume off, music blaring. The worst part is, I never see the finish and rarely even get to where O'Grady talks to a dehydrated and fading Fabian and then says "gotta go and win the race now, SEE YA, WOuldnt wanna be YA!!"...

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