Monday, July 28, 2008

Father/Daughter dance??

OH man, not quite and certainly not yet, but after I Time Trialed home from work (hey, on my TT bike no less) in record time I put on my running shoes and with my daughter on her bike we went for a 26 minute run/bike around the Shaker lakes. Perfect speed for both of us.

It was GREAT to have the wonderful company of my daughter, even if she did say "daddy Doofus, Your so weird. But I like you weird." Ahhh, no wonder I love her so. She has a way with words.

This is not a test!!

I have the worst short term memory. Along with other things I am not to keen on about myself like directions, misplacing things or forgetting obvious things I need on a regular basis that one hurts me the most in dealing with road rage incidents. Friday riding with Brooke two times out near Burton we got buzzed by dump trucks. one of them was so close and going so fast for the first time I got blown off the road!! Thank goodness it was blown away not in. Dump trucks threatening cyclists. Its maddening.

Totally OT, but its not as if those guys arent well paid. Why blow a good paying job over a slow moving cyclits. For goodnesss sake they are usually the ones holding up traffic.

Riding with Dave Sunday there was the multiple a-holes buzzing us and yelling "Ride Single file". That ones getting really old, but I am hearing it more and more. The one guy was clearly speeding. I speed too, but I dont yell at someone for minor offenses when I know I am guilty of one at the same time. Sure if someones cutting through my street at 50mph (its a 25mph street with loads of kids) I yell SLOW DOWN.

Oh yeah the short term memory thing. One thing I have been trying to do is to read and recall license plates while driving. But damn if I forget to read them every time when I get buzzed. It turns out and I have yet to try it, but if you report the incidents to the local police sometimes some immediate action is taken.

That all by itself is enough to make it worthwhile. I am convinced of this because if we ALL take to this behavior maybe one or two guys will get reported several times and something can be done or at least a case can be built.

Yeah its an inconvenience which would be a deterrent for me to follow through, but its getting bad out there. I NEED to do something to help.

OH wait, i got it, bring a marker with me to write it down on ym arm or top tube...oh but wait, I'd just forget to bring one with me.

Come on brain cells.....get working!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Personal bests and dead legs

What a week of training strangeness. Last Saturday I was exhausted. That I wanna take a nap all day tired. Then Sunday's 5k, Monday OWWWW, Tuesday was Cedar Point, Wednesday was a downpour and I renig on plans to ride with Brooke. So I eat dinner, skip out on riding with Jack Sutte and then finally I head out on the cross bike minutes after chowing down and spin EASY for 45 minutes solo.

In a nutshell what I am trying to say is I havent ridden my bike (in anger) since last Thursday at Lorain Speedway. Is that significant? Well I didnt think so, but when I headed out with the Square Wheels ride last night I had full plans to socialize, enjoy the company of other cycling fanatics and then drill every hill at race pace.

The first hill is Sherman and as I drill it off of Chagrin River rd. I feel good, but as soon as I hit the steep second pitch my legs stall out. Apparently there is the difference of being rested and being flat. I was quite amazed at just how flat I was and hoped that my legs wold come around. In retrospect what was I thinking hammering on 6 days off the bike?? Have I learned nothing?

I did feel better and better with every hill attacked that evening and power numbers showed that I wasnt too far off, but I definitely was missing that snap and power to attack and accelerate up the climbs. Lesson learned. I got 3 hours and over 50 miles in with some great intensity. I was very sore as I headed off to dreamland that night. IN fact it was hard to fall asleep as my legs kept bitching about how they felt.

So today I make plans to head out with Brooke again and this time gorgeous weather awaits us. I have no plan, but she has plans for 8 one minute max efforts tossed into a 3 hour ride on flatter roads out in Auburn and surrounding areas. We even made a stop at our usual Burton watering hole.

My goal is to hit the 1 minute max efforts harder than I ever have as I have been quite sure I have not been maximizing these short efforts. It goes like this, Ive got 8 to do, so let me save a little each time to go as hard on the 8th as the first. Wrong!!

Last week on the Spin hilly hammerfest using Tibbets I reset a lot of personal best power numbers. I wanted to better the 1 minute number tonight, but on a more traditional course. Early in 2007 I set a PB of 515 watts for one minute (not trying), but knew I could go higher. last week I hit 535 and today with Brooke as motivation I went 550 and 553 watts on the two best and over 500 on the rest.

I went so hard on the intervals that 6,7 were extremely hard. It was like a switch was turned off at 25 to 30 seconds and the legs just wouldnt go anymore. We didnt do an 8th because we both knew our power was gone. And Brooke smoked me up a hilly sprint on #7 and when she saw me start to fade she really put the hammer down. Nice job Brooke.

And we also rode for 4.5 hours!! Thats got to be a pro training thing to do 4.5 hours of riding and toss in the efforts along the way. So once again I am exhausted, but glad to see some improvement in those short term power numbers. Good to know all the training pays off.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brooke says sorry!!

Thats really about it. She told me she was in truly rare form Tuesday and just a a big B!! Shes really not like that, but she pretty much was like that that night.

So again, please dont hold it against her!!

ohh, as for me, well its pouring rain and cold and I cannot get up the nerve to ride in it. Hoping it will let up. So much for me Wednesday hill ride.

I went to Cedar Point yesterday (its great watching your daughter just suck the marrow of life and enjoy every moment of a great day riding rides and enjoy the company of friends and family). I rode the new Maverick (wow) ride and during it I leaned on the lap bar squeezing it into my still very tender thighs (from running). To say every whoop de doo and twist was a mix of sheer thrill AND pain was an understatement. If thats what whips and chains and stuff is about-forget about it!! I'm out.

And as for some racing news, Brian Batke is doing Super Week in Wiscosin in the Masters fields and has already had a 6th and a Win!! Go Brian!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

First 5k running race

Iiickk, yuck, phooey. HUUUMID!! Luckily it was only in the 70's, not 90's like it has been.

I participated in the Richmond Heights Family Fun day race. My first ever running race. My first run was the day after Nationals on July 1st. I ran 5 minutes and was sore. The next day I ran 8 minutes. In a week I ran 20 minutes, then 43 minutes and took off the rest of this week from running, but had a big week of training on the bike and in the pool.

I had no idea how to pace except what I can come up with in my head. So I picked out a girl whom I see running all of the time who looks serious and said I'll try and keep up with her. The race starts and some people trip and fall, but after a bit were on Highland road and I settle into a rhythm I think I can hold. The girl is up the road already, but I start to gain a bit on her and her group and the first mile comes through and I did a 6:53!!! I am ecstatic and try and pick up my speed a bit for the next mile.

I either misheard the 2nd mile or I slowed down a minute. Were running through the Richmond Mall parking lot and I can see the runners ahead are now spread out way ahead. I was amazed at how everyone stayed close the first half a mile or so, bit now its one by one. Theres a strong headwind on Richmond road too. So headwinds affect runners as well as cyclists, though it seems more dramatic on the bike, or maybe I havent run enough or long enough.

I run harder up hills and try and go faster on the downhills, but I seem to be slower than other runners downhill. As we head into what i assume is the last half a mile or so I pick-up the pace while trying to land my feet softer and pick my feet up as quick as i can. I pass the last guy directly in front of me and try and drop him by going even faster. As I make the turn back into the park I can hear the announcer and hes calling times in the 19 minute range and I have less than a 0.1mi to go. I know I wont make sub 20 minutes, but I sprint it out really hard anyways running as fast I think I can (but not on my toes-got to learn how to do that) and cross in 20:50 or so. I'll have to wait till official results are posted on the Hermes Cleveland sight tonight to know for sure.

So now I have my baseline!! The girl I waned to target ran 19:45 so maybe if I had gotten right behind her at the start I might have been able to gut out a sub 20 run my first time, but who knows. I probably would have had to run too hard too soon and been slower at the end. The good thing is the run was minutes faster than I expected and should be a decent time for the JCB biathlon. But Time Trialing on the bike after a run like that?? Wow, thats gonna hurt!! Starting to figure it out!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I give, I give!!!

Monday I upped my running mileage from 3 to 5 miles. Tuesday I commuted in to work 16 miles each way. I felt good enough on the way home I was riding pretty fast and did one sprint over 1000 watts. Wednesday 3 hours of hammering in the hills. I rode hard enough to reset best power numbers at 20,30,60 and 120 seconds.

We (Jack Sutte, Mike Larimer, Thom Domonic) ended the ride by riding a high tempo all the way up Cedar going 22 to 24 mph on the false flat and finishing with the sign sprint on Fairmont just over the I271 bridge. Every ride or run in 90 degree weather this week or darn close. Loads of electrolytes and water. I should buy stock in Hammer products.

Then Thursday of course was the Track races and the 500m TT. So onto today. Commute to work in already morning 90 degree temps. I also need ot invest in sun block companies too. Tired, maybe a bit cranky in the head and I took my good time warming up then 8 2-minute intervals followed by 30 second all out then 10 sec all out jumps. at first I couldnt see how I could do one interval today much less 20 of them, but after the first I was more or less okay. There were a few I ...oh maybe didnt quite go as hard as I should have. You know, maybe just one or two...

I'm at work wolfing down brown rice, grilled chicken and veggies and thinking i might have to call in the sag wagon for the ride home. I was thinking maybe a 3 to 4 hour hill ride tomorrow, but I think I might watch the Tour instead of riding. Whew....

OH-btw its my 16 year wedding anniversary today!! yeah us!!

Oh and Sunday I might, MIGHT sign up for a 5k running race in Richmond heights just to see what time I turn as a baseline. Give me a time to shoot for in later races or PB runs.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Track racing-keep pedaling doofus!!

I went to Pista Elite's Track racing tonight at Lorain Speedway. Ever since Tony announced it at Westlake I have wanted to go, but lack of motivation, a bike to ride and other reasons kept me away till tonight.

I had raced some at Powell's car race track near Columbus in the 80's, but that was on a road bike. I have ridden a fixie enough to know about the need to keep pedaling, but all week I kept having visions of myself stopping pedaling after a sprint and flying over the handlebars. Crazy eh? Well not really as it turns out.

I have to thank Thom Domonic for basically building the drive train on my old Paramount steel road bike as we watched the Tour on tv and transforming it into a nice track racing bike. He also loaned me a BB, Wheel, chain, chainring....Yeah, you got it, the bikes more his than mine!! Thanks td!!

Again its hot and humid tonight and as I warm up slowly I keep regretting my gear choice.My license of course says I am a Cat.5 track racer, but knowing I was racing some experienced guys I inquired with my past experience in Columbus would I be allowed a Cat.4 upgrade and it did. But I didnt have time to change it (or the tools and parts) to the higher (by 4 teeth on the chainring) gear.

But Thom and I agreed it was my first track race and spinning has some great benefits as well. While warming up when i punched it up I realized how low the gear restriction was. I was spinning my legs like mad.

The first race was a 5 lap Scratch (first rider to line wins) on an almost 500m track. It was fun and I played going up the track and diving back down in the corners to get better or different position. Thom won that and I think I was maybe 3rd?

Next up was a Kierin where we followed Mitch Gable (acting as a durney) for 3 laps then we sprinted it out for the win. Sadly Thom flatted right before the start and had to drop out of the track racing with a related mechanical. I was in a close race coming out of the last corner gaining on Tony on the outside and probably went a bit early for my low gearing giving Tony time to see my wheel come parallel to his rear wheel and match my speed and pull ahead at the line. At the line I saw Gary Burkholder coming up and I threw my bike across the line and YOU GUESSED IT!! I stopped pedaling, tossing my butt in the air and unclipping my right pedal.

I very ungraciously rolled around one foot clipped in and one out. What a Dork!! I dont think I brought it upon myself by worrying about doing that, but I was realistic in thinking that it would come after a heated moment and it did.

The last race for me was the Miss and Out race where the last guy every lap gets pulled. I survived 3 laps and when we were down to three I tried the inside line, but got pinched and the door shut hard and that was that. By the time the lane opened I didnt have a prayer and I drifted up the track to prematurely to start my cool down laps. I felt I had the legs to win that race without Thom in it so i was bummed a bit for my choice, but theres next time. And I learned a lot of new things in getting beat. Heck it was my first time and I am NO sprinter. But tonights workout will help that!!

I also out of curiosity did a 500m Pursuit effort. Thanks to the Madis family for holding my bike and taking care of timing. It felt great actually and I was spinning so hard right from the gun, but I kept at the bottom of the track, controlled my breathing and came across in 40:95. Not bad considering the gearing I thought. Hopefully I can improve upon that baseline figure each time I go.

The track bikes are so beautiful in there simplicity. Only what you need to pedal from point a to b. All of the road bikes there seemed almost grotesque and overly busy with the computers, brakes, gears, derailleurs and brake levers with cables going everywhere.

Theres a lot of competition right now on Thursdays what with running, track, Leroy TT and one more Chapel Criterium. I'll be at Chapel I think next week as Ive heard great things about the course, then maybe Leroy and finally back to Lorain Speedway, but with those extra 4 teeth on the chainring!! OH yeah and most importantly no throwing the bike and keep on pedaling!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening and cannot wait to go back again. Road bike or track bike I'd recommend you try it out.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I am not opposed to this tagging thing in some ways, but I havent gotten around to it because I pretty much spill my guts all the time anyways. But I decided I will just jump into this without even one thing coming to mind except a clean box on my PC to stare at. Maybe some things will pop up.

1. I went to Ohio State University and started in ceramic engineering, but I am so bad in math, chemistry and really just an awful student in general that I eventually dropped out of that major and switched to Hotel and Restaurant management. It was this path that stopped my bicycle racing because I was working too many hours (6 days, 65 to 70+ pretty much 52 weeks a year for 10 years). Two times driving home from work after heinous 20+ hour days I fell asleep at stop lights to wake up with no idea how long I was out. Might have been 5 seconds, might have been 5 minutes. I bet I was a sight if anyone drove up alongside.

2. Although I can eat pretty much all types of food and styles of cooking. And at times when I had credit cards I would rack up $100 bills at Johnny's for just two people easily being a wine snob and food snob. When it comes right down to it, I love nothing more to eat then corn on the cob dripping with butter.

3. I rarely ever do this, but If I get a game for my ancient Xbox or on my non gaming PC I can stay up night after night till 3am without even realizing it. Hence why i rarely ever let myself play video games. But I could easily be a gamer, especially racing sims and first person shooter/sci-fi games. I suck at them though.

4. I love movies and most things that go with it. If at a movie theater I love the big screen, the pop corn and the lights going down (but not the 30 minutes of previews). I have been known to whoop and yell after something cool in a movie too. Maybe even chock back a tear if need be. At home its all about my aging, but still pretty kick-ass home theater system. Pretty low budget and low tech by most HT gurus estimation, but for 10+ year old equipment and speakers, it still sounds great to me. And yes, it can get really, really loud (though it never gets to anymore). Still no flat screen hi-def wide screen plasma, but someday!! Still rockin' the 32" Sony trinitron my father in law bought us for Christmas years ago.

5. I have never had the business sense required to make money. I am not entirely obsessed with money except that I have expensive things I like and life in general has just become so expensive. And I dont like any of the things I like or love because they are expensive. I like stereo and home theater equipment, eating out, bicycles, cars (not so much anymore), car racing, kart racing and I need to start saving for my daughters gazillion dollar college education. I am not a lazy person either, but I just dont have that money making gene. I am still trying and much more so now to find my niche in the business world. Related to this I am pretty much oblivious to the world of business and politics and for that matter whats going on in the middle east. You think this could be related to #1 and to why I am not a great business person? But as it was stated in a movie I once saw, I am not poor, I am just over extended!!

Now, who am I gonna tag? Thats the hard part, everyone I know knows everyone else who blogs and has been tagged already. geez.... Can I get an extension for that?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shreve Cycling Classic Race

Sunny, hot, humid weather met us at the good Doctor Schmidt's Shreve Challenge Race. A not so well attended, but super well run race last year. This year was a turnaround with more racers then volunteers and even the Cat2/3 race was 25 or more.

I'll tell you right now the rolling, twisting course is awesome with a variety of corners, some super fast sweepers, some slow 90 degree bends and even a 180 with a sharp little elevation drop right at the apex. I loved the course, just loved it!! And it was deceptively tough with headwinds and high heat added to the mix. Police escort the whole race added tot the professional feel.

Team Columbus (Tris Hopkins, Brian Batke and myself) and the rest of the fast field had a neutral start leading us to the official start when COBC's Andys Burns strung us out. Judging at how well warmed up he looked on the start line vs how little time I got to warm up I should have known it was coming (hes real strong). After the start finish hill which is a little more steep than a false flat with a kick at the end you went down hill a bit to a slow left hander corner and up the longest, steeper climb that finishes with a slight dip and a finish kick on Cemetery road.

My team mate Brian Batke decided what the heck and kept the pressure on all the way up the hill. This move immediately drew out John Lowry of Stark Velo and Matt Weeks. Not too long after that Shawn Adams went to bridge to Matt and Brian and that move drew out Tris who went in his usual style, really hard. This left some Team Lake effects in the group to block as well as myself. I was right on the front when Andy;s Burns went with his COBC team mate Josh Halvex and a rider from Saturn of Dayton.

Talk about conflicted, on one hand I could cruise for the next 43 miles of the 45 mile race, but once Halvex, Burns had gone up the road, believe it or not only a few miles into the race, the race was basically over for everyone else in the field.

So after a few moments of looking around at the pack that I am sure were thinking "this is too early" while also in utter disbelief were also thinking, oh shit, the race is over, I finally decided I had better get up there and I too took off and I came darn close to hitting my max HR in the bridge move and that was about the last time I looked at HR the rest of the race. No one else went with me which really surprised me AND made bridging to 3 really strong guys solo even harder.

Once I finally attached to the second group chasing on the road, Burns, Halvex, Saturn seemed content to let me take a free ride. Burns was taking these huge long pulls and if I ended up in front I pulled through and off. But once we hit the steep short climb on Shreve Eastern road we were so close so I gambled and I took off and punched it up the climb so we could attach shortly after the top. I felt bad bringing up two strong sprinters and 4 more bodies to the break, but they were gonna make it anyways, I just quickened up the process to just get up there and relax.

So the winning break came together at mile 5 of lap one and we were all pretty gassed already. We were Team Columbus (Tris, Brian and I), Matt Weeks and Shawn Adams of Team Lake Effect, Andys Burns and Josh Halvex of Raisin Rack-COBC and John Lowry representing for Stark Velo. and Saturn guy.

We kept the pressure on and small attacks meant to feel out the group occurred throughout the next two laps. The Saturn guy sadly got yelled at so many times, but he was strong. Eventually Burns and Lowry dropped form the break so we were seven strong.

I was letting Tris and Brian make the moves on lap one and two, more because I was feeling pretty tired than a tactical reason. I went with an attack by Josh, but when I caught him he sat up. We had a gap, but Josh said he was just feeling out who was strong. I expected a hard counter when we got caught soon after, but there really wasnt one.

ON lap three Tris threw down a hard attack at the top of the long hill and no one went with him or could. But Brian and I got to roll around and let the other teams chase. On laps 2 and 3 at least we climbed behind Brian who was setting the pace on the longer or steeper climb on Eastern Shreve. The climbs were really putting the burn on the legs too.

On lap 4 we were still 7 strong and with Tris safely back in the field I upped the pace over the start finish hill and held a small gap through the left hander and started the hill at what I hoped would be a tougher still pace. About ot the top I looked down to see I was maintaining 11.5 mph at the top, faster then the previous laps and I did finish the hill solo with a little gap. I pressed on hard, not hoping for any personal glory, but to draw out a rider from another team with one of my team mates getting a free ride and splitting the group yet again.

I think Shawn took off to try and solo to me. That would have been great for him because he would annihilate me in the sprint. But what ended up happening was Shawn started to come across, Brian went after which was ideal, but then everyone attached and I was caught on the downhill chip and seal road.

We came around with some relief to take the bell lap, but this time a new break had formed and really just as we had hoped pre-race. That was that we wanted to put Tris in the best position we could to win. He rode pretty aggressive all race, but he still had the legs to get away only with Matt Weeks.

We all sat up as we were all happy about the situation. Josh had to inform the Saturn guy to stop pulling because Matt and Tris were not coming back because Brian, myself and Shawn were gonna sit on those two. We slowed so much that I guess we might have been caught by Rudy Sroka who had soloed off of what remained of the group behind us.

As we rolled down Eastern Shreve again I talked to Brian briefly about the situation and whom we thought would win the sprint for third and without saying a word about what we were about to do, we just knew. We had slowed dramatically to let Matt and Tris go away and they were now gone. We rolled down to the steep short hill on Eastern Shreve and I drilled it, but I was pretty much in immediate pain as every muscle in my upper legs were cramping up the climb. I had electrolytes, plenty of water, etc. But Shawn was suffering the same issues too. YOu should heard him yelling for a bottle of water on the last lap. I cannot explain what I did, but I did something to get through it ( like a change in cadence or lightening up on the pedals each stroke to alleviate the cramps) and kept up the pace to make it hard for everyone.

Like clockwork as soon as I got caught Brian attacked and I darn nearly didnt attach. I was almost cool with that, but I dug deep and barely caught Josh's wheel as they rocketed past. After Brian got caught I knew I was supposed to go again, but I was still in fear of another series of cramps so I tried to hand signal Brian that I was cramping, but instead we rolled down to the end of Force road where you do a 90 left and a 90 right. I again pedaled just hard enough to get a small gap, but not attack.

I got to the corner and went in hot, leaned the bike, stuck out my knee and when I came out of the corner I stood up and gave it everything I had. I next got to the 90 deg right onto Shreve Eastern (going west) and wash, rinse and repeat. I thought of the words of Bernard Hinault about not looking back every 10 seconds when attacking, just go all out. Well, I did look back a couple of times and I could see them casually riding side by side. I kept it up into town where you do the left around the red helmet (covering a pot hole), right and then the final left where you get to see the finish hill.

All through the attack I was dying. I was in so much pain, but there was that level of pure amazement and joy that "this is gonna work". I am soloing in for third place with a team mate up the road!! It was very apparent when on S Wells street that I had an enormous gap, but I still tried to ride hard (if not very fast) till I got close to the finish line when I just sat-up and enjoyed the moment.

In the end Team Columbus didnt win the race for Tris, but we did take 2nd, 3rd and 5th. More importantly we had another solid team race where we all contributed to the teams success while also all riding at different times to insure personal success.

I wondered why they let me go at the end like they did. Josh said he wasnt going to chase me because I worked too hard in the race. I am glad for that respect but I think more than anything, if they had successfully chased me down, guess what, Brian would have immediately attacked. And thats some good team work. Congrats to Matt on a hard earned win in a great sprint with Tris and to the others in the break who worked so hard all race long. And also to Dr. Schmidt and his volunteers for having faith that his race would come around and it has.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Whats the whining about again?

I got to admit, I whine a lot lately. Damn and I dont even let my daughter whine (shoe does it anyways). But me-ohhh, my legs hurt from running, I'm soo tired, I hurt my back, I dont want to train alone anymore, I dont want to ride in the rain, my hips hurt, my knee hurts, my thighs hurt, I dont want to train at all....

Yiikes, you'd think I was a real girly man. OH, but thats an insult to girls who arent whiners...ummmm...ok-not gonna go there!! haha!

So I call Sean Gilbert to ask him to look after a friend of mine whos looking for a TT bike when she comes to Bike Authority...and I got to throw in my bit about how my legs didnt hurt TOO BAD after my Monday 20 min run, but come Tuesday (heres where I really start whining) after I commuted to work and did some fast pedal intervals my hips hurt (yeah, I said hips again), my thighs tightened up and I was worried about hammering on the Spin Willoughby Bike shop Wednesday ride.

Yeah, I was actually worried about riding hard, what with more running Thursday and racing Saturday at the Shreve hilly road race. I wanted something in the tank. But I got to tell you, Sean's a super nice person, but I am starting to get the feeling he thinks I am a bit of a whiner. I can hear it in his voice when I start crying about my wootle boo boos and my pansy ass attitude.

He doesnt quite come out and say "MAN UP", but its there and hes right. His comment to me, not quite in an exact quote was "whats the worst that can happen, you'll be sore?". Man, I really like Sean and hes a quite a coach. He helped me to get a nice fit and some Brooks Adrenaline shoes for running. Yup, you guessed it, I was whining about buying expensive running shoes and he matter of factly said, you need good shoes to run to not get injured. Or at least to know if the back pain and aches are from running or bad shoes. The shoes seem good. Thank you Sean and thank you Fleet Feet.

Runnings not going too bad. Monday I ran 20 minutes (my third run)almost non stop and covered about 2.6 miles give or take. I kept checking cadence and I was between 84 and 88 at the pace I was going. I learned that I am not suppose to be striding as long as I can per se, but keeping a comfortable cadence, keeping the feet landing and lifting quickly for lack of a better definition.

So was I whining today? Sure was. I went on the Spin ride with some friends and some newcomers to the ride and was saying that my legs hurt (OHHH boo, the heck Hooo) so I wasnt expecting to climb well. You know if I get dropped, dont wait up!!

Well the ride was a blast with Thom and Matt Weeks putting down some real horsepower at times and me? I climbed just fine. Now tomorrow when I wake up and my legs go--ouch, will I be whining? And Friday when I wake up from running Thursday night will I be whining about my thighs and back and hips? Yeah, I am pretty darn sure I will. But I'll get out those running shoes or get on that bike again and ride or race. I'm slowly and very stubbornly learning that every race isnt an A race. And most importantly that pain and recovery are just part of the game.

OH yeah, hows that saying go? No Pain, no gain!! Yeah, got can I open another beer or will it make me fat???

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maybe just one more!!

If any of you hear of a long time trial (38k plus)before the snow starts to fall can you give me a heads up? I want to do one more long TT this year. Preferably flat with a tail wind!! If thats not too much to ask.

Oh yeah, ran a mile on Wednesday after commuting home by bike. Took 7:45 and I was in achy pain all day today and my back was weak. The times encouraging as I expected it to take at least 9 minutes. One thing for sure, I need some better running shoes. I HATE to spend any money on shoes right now, but to Fleet Feet on Monday Sean and I go. But I suppose thats how its got to be.

Then theres the matching shorts and tanks. OH yeah the Polar HR watch..... Crap-this is gonna get expensive......j/k i wont let it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I apologize!!!

Man this is like postalooza for me these days, eh? haha!! or is that Blogalooza, blogalooser.....

So I said it would take a few days for my brain to assimilate all of the data from Nats and then correlate it to States and think on it some more. Oh, I'm still chewing on data, you know that.

Well after a few days I am satisfied and maybe even a bit elated to say that I am happy with 15th place at Nats.

So to those who I guess would like to kick me in my nuts for seemingly never being "perfectly" happy with my good results, I apologize. And on so many levels I truly do mean it.

But this is my blog I suppose so I say it like I feel it.

I'll tell you this too, every time trial I do for the rest of this year I am gonna open a fresh can of whoop-ass!! I may and probably will try something a little different at each one, but the main thing will be total focus and positive energy. No self doubt!!

Man-I dont even want to see my TT bike for a few weeks, but wheres the next TT I can do??!?!?! GGGrrrrrr!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

short post, shorter run

Well I did my first run tonight. I did an easy 25 mile recovery ride and then immediately put on some trail running shoes Ive got and ran for only 5:15. Yeah short, but I figured i'd be sore even at that length of run. And guess what? I am sore already!! Darn it!!

After dinner I rode the same path I ran and it was .067 miles. I'll try and run 7 or 8 minutes tomorrow. That will hopefully be a mile. Hopefully if I am not in need of medical attention by the weekend i hope to do that flying mile I discussed before I tore my mcl (slight tear) XC skiing.

Why am I running? So I can do the JCB biathlon solo. Last year Chris Martino and I won the team competition.