Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brooke says sorry!!

Thats really about it. She told me she was in truly rare form Tuesday and just a a big B!! Shes really not like that, but she pretty much was like that that night.

So again, please dont hold it against her!!

ohh, as for me, well its pouring rain and cold and I cannot get up the nerve to ride in it. Hoping it will let up. So much for me Wednesday hill ride.

I went to Cedar Point yesterday (its great watching your daughter just suck the marrow of life and enjoy every moment of a great day riding rides and enjoy the company of friends and family). I rode the new Maverick (wow) ride and during it I leaned on the lap bar squeezing it into my still very tender thighs (from running). To say every whoop de doo and twist was a mix of sheer thrill AND pain was an understatement. If thats what whips and chains and stuff is about-forget about it!! I'm out.

And as for some racing news, Brian Batke is doing Super Week in Wiscosin in the Masters fields and has already had a 6th and a Win!! Go Brian!!


cyclonecross said...

Hey, you need to talk about your CP plans in advance! Sadie and I are going there in a few hours with 1/2 price tix through work.


Ray Huang said...

We went on CC tickets too!! The 1.5 hour wait for the Maverick is worth it.

MikeV said...

Brooke's outburst was probably the worst I've seen in 20 years of racing bikes. It was pretty insane. I'm just glad there weren't any little kids around to hear her tyrade of F-bombs. Glad she's sorry though.