Monday, July 14, 2008


I am not opposed to this tagging thing in some ways, but I havent gotten around to it because I pretty much spill my guts all the time anyways. But I decided I will just jump into this without even one thing coming to mind except a clean box on my PC to stare at. Maybe some things will pop up.

1. I went to Ohio State University and started in ceramic engineering, but I am so bad in math, chemistry and really just an awful student in general that I eventually dropped out of that major and switched to Hotel and Restaurant management. It was this path that stopped my bicycle racing because I was working too many hours (6 days, 65 to 70+ pretty much 52 weeks a year for 10 years). Two times driving home from work after heinous 20+ hour days I fell asleep at stop lights to wake up with no idea how long I was out. Might have been 5 seconds, might have been 5 minutes. I bet I was a sight if anyone drove up alongside.

2. Although I can eat pretty much all types of food and styles of cooking. And at times when I had credit cards I would rack up $100 bills at Johnny's for just two people easily being a wine snob and food snob. When it comes right down to it, I love nothing more to eat then corn on the cob dripping with butter.

3. I rarely ever do this, but If I get a game for my ancient Xbox or on my non gaming PC I can stay up night after night till 3am without even realizing it. Hence why i rarely ever let myself play video games. But I could easily be a gamer, especially racing sims and first person shooter/sci-fi games. I suck at them though.

4. I love movies and most things that go with it. If at a movie theater I love the big screen, the pop corn and the lights going down (but not the 30 minutes of previews). I have been known to whoop and yell after something cool in a movie too. Maybe even chock back a tear if need be. At home its all about my aging, but still pretty kick-ass home theater system. Pretty low budget and low tech by most HT gurus estimation, but for 10+ year old equipment and speakers, it still sounds great to me. And yes, it can get really, really loud (though it never gets to anymore). Still no flat screen hi-def wide screen plasma, but someday!! Still rockin' the 32" Sony trinitron my father in law bought us for Christmas years ago.

5. I have never had the business sense required to make money. I am not entirely obsessed with money except that I have expensive things I like and life in general has just become so expensive. And I dont like any of the things I like or love because they are expensive. I like stereo and home theater equipment, eating out, bicycles, cars (not so much anymore), car racing, kart racing and I need to start saving for my daughters gazillion dollar college education. I am not a lazy person either, but I just dont have that money making gene. I am still trying and much more so now to find my niche in the business world. Related to this I am pretty much oblivious to the world of business and politics and for that matter whats going on in the middle east. You think this could be related to #1 and to why I am not a great business person? But as it was stated in a movie I once saw, I am not poor, I am just over extended!!

Now, who am I gonna tag? Thats the hard part, everyone I know knows everyone else who blogs and has been tagged already. geez.... Can I get an extension for that?

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