Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a week. Leroy TT's again.

Saturday I did Mid-Ohio, Sunday I got sick while riding, but got in 2 hours before I had to quit and call in the sag wagon, Monday rest and Tuesday 8 threshold intervals followed by 12 sprints, Wednesday two rides of 3 hours and 1 hour for 2400 calories burned!! Then tonight was my first Leroy TT hosted solely by Jim Behrens. The plan was to do the TT followed by two long intervals and 6 more short threshold intervals.

I wont bore you with my usual details, but I went pretty quick at 27.2mph, but fell short of my personal best from last fall of 16:52 by 6 seconds. I was only mildly disappointed because after going 45 seconds faster than last year at Presque Isle I had hoped to post up some big power numbers tonight. See at Leroy last year and at PI last fall and this spring I did not use my Powertap so I had no data to crunch. Yeah-thats a bit hard for me.

So the goal tonight was not to go for the course record but to collect data for Sean Gilbert my coach and I to use. But alas it seems I was very tired in the legs and I put out less power than last fall when I went 17:05. That day I used the strategy of going out easy and coming home hard. I used my Powertap with disc covers.

Just for fun heres some comparison data from Sept of 2007 and tonight.

2007 2008
First 2 miles 26.1mph 305 watts 27.3 309

To turn 26.1 303 27.4 307

Turn to 23.6 293 23.8 289

Turnaround to 29.2 295 29.1 288

Last mile 30.6 317 29.7 297

So what does this mean? Well for one it wasnt a very good test of power. I just didnt have it, but tired and lacking power there are two very important things. First I still went 16 minutes if only barely. Thats not shabby for May (and a week after Disney). Conditions were good, but it was a bit chilly and the air really hurt my throat after the ride. I was tired and that really became evident afterwards when we did more intervals. Also look at how little power I put out the last mile.

Now the most important thing is I didnt use my disc, but it seems that even with less power I am going the same speed or maybe a tick quicker this year. So this helps confirm that my UCI Legal TT position is pretty slick.

It doesnt make sense to taper for a middle of the week training TT so of course I wont, but its good to know that were going in the right direction for States and Nationals.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mid-Ohio post Disney

After 7 exceptional (exceptionally tiring and hot and humid, but mostly fun) days at Disney I got back on the bike on Thursday evening for 49 miles and followed it up with a short 45 minute ride Friday. I drove to Mid-Ohio with Jim and we talked a bit of what we expected of the races and whats been going on strategy wise with Snake Bite Racing in the Cat. 4s. It was a good drive there and back.

I flip flopped probably driving Tym Tyler nuts with Cat3/4 or Cat1-3. See I had gotten there early and no one was signed up for Cat1-3.

But as time rolled on I saw Andy Clarke and Stefan Kadar of RGF roll in and then saw Josh Halvex (a strong Cat3) of Raisin Rack and knew the A race was shipping up to be worthwhile. I literally switched numbers on my jersey 3 times. When we finally got to roll up to the line I saw that Dan Quinlan (Elves and More), Andy Moskal (RGF) and Jeff Braumberger (Inferno) were also there.

I have to go back to before vaca and say I was a bit worried about doing Mid-Ohio at all because of the time off and no hard efforts before, but Sean Gilbert assured me that I would be fine, if not on my game (assuming I got any game to begin with).

So we roll off and its hard from the gun. RGF sends two different riders to the front for 2 or 3 laps and the pain index is pegged. Finally Andy MOskal goes off and everyone watches and we slow considerably. Now heres the funny thing about these sort of situations. On the one hand your happy that the pace has relented, though Mid-Ohio is a much tougher course to ride then you would think, but on the other hand it really starts to get boring. Especially when you cant do anything about it.

Bridging would be dumb because youd pull everyone to Andy and tire yourself out considerably. And more so you know that RGF has two equally strong guys to control everything. Racing scared sucks, but its as much survival as it is anything. So Andy finally comes back after some jumps by Josh, a little pulling by me and Dan. But i am sure most are thinking what I am thinking. When Andy comes back, counter attacks will come fast and hard.

Very surprising Jeff is not racing aggressively, but it turns out afterwards he said his legs werent good all day. Jeff was one of my heroes back in the 80's and 90's if that dates us both. I wanted him to attack with Dan and then I'd go and draw out one RGF then wed have split the field. But all attacks were met by accelerations from the 8 of us that were left after 5 or so of the 14 total laps were completed. Small field, and everyone a stud.

The race pace was going from 24 to 24.5mph and finally I threw my hand hoping to get something going on the back straight (where in the karts I used to race I'd be going 80 to 90mph). I got a huge gap straight away by going 36mph down the back and continuing to push through the twisties. But afterwards it appeared that the time I was away was one of the fastest laps 25.8. I was brought back after only one lap and decided to hang low and only went when others went.

But those accelerations were pretty brutal with Jeff, Stefan, Andy, Dan, Josh, etc. all throwing down at some point. and certasin sections of the track were really tough just to stay with the group. We agreed the race wasnt hard enough, but that it was still a tough race. Does that make any sense? Maybe the race pace wasnt brutal all the way, but the course and strong winds really zapped your strength regardless.

Entering the 3rd to the last lap up the front straight I noticed we had dropped Kadar and immediately rode up past Dan and Jeff hoping for some allies and told them both that he was dropped. I figured they knew he was the fastest guy in the race and I went to the front to up the pace from turn one to the top of the Keyhole, but Dan and Jeff didnt help. I too didnt want to pull forever or too hard as I wasnt feeling all that strong and knew I needed to save something in case the race did a last lap split or a field sprint.

When we got to 2 to go Moskal was ramping it up probably to tire everyone for Stefan to sprint it out, but Andy Clarke waved him off and pulled us for the full last 2 laps and no one fell out of position. I was 2nd wheel and felt like I was recovering the whole time. I was inches to a foot off Andy and trying to draft as best I could.

On the last lap I keep thinking when can I jump? Should I jump at the slowest parts of the course in the left hander before the Carousel? Its a painful place to attack, but with a long uphill finish I didnt think I could hold the wattage I'd need for that long. But more than anything I am thinking about how many times I have tired myself out on the last 2 or 3 laps trying to get a break away and failed and used that excuse for why my sprint was so poor.

So I make the decision more or less that this time I WILL sit in and wait for the sprint to the line. Halvex, Braumberger, Moskal, Quinlan, etc. all sprint strong, but you never know.

We hit the front straight going for the line and Clarke is still in front and I am still 2nd wheel. I hear everyone start to go and I am already up two teeth ready for the sprint and I pre-think to go to the windless side of Clarke to start my sprint and at first everyone gaps me, but I pour it on as hard as I can hoping maybe someone will fade and still everyone but Andy of course pulls away. I gut it out for everything I have and hit 936 watts, which is pretty high for me at the end of a race. It goes Moskal first, Halvex and Kadar got back on and took 3rd.

I get 7th out of the 8 that are left. Not too good, but I got a some serious jumps in my legs, high cadence and high power intervals. I paid for the effort as my legs were in serious pain the next day. On to the Vrooman Road TT and Race For Alex. Hopefully I'll have some race legs for that one.

Friday, May 23, 2008

My Powertap for sale

Goog GAWD have I gone crazy? No wattage for Ray, Ray? NO worries, I am thinking about going to the 2.4 wireless for a couple reasons. First is to clean up the wiring on my bikes (especially my TT bike). 2nd so I can easily loan the package out to riders who may want to experiment with Power training and to do some testing with real data and last the coded strap.

Heres my sale blurb I have put on some sights already:

I am thinking about going to the 2.4 wireless so tossing out my Zipp 303 clincher 28h rim (non dimpled) and Sapim CX-Ray black spoke wheel with Powertap SL hub (has been working great for me-not selling because of any issues). It has been back to Saris for new bearings and cassette last year as well as the latest seals. The cover has a crack, but a piece of tape keeps it sealed from moisture.

Rim strip, training tire (Vitt. Rubino pro), Two latest sharkfin mounts both with cadence and SL computer, CD, original box, instructions, USB connector for PC, etc. all come with this deal. I wouldnt recommend my heart rate strap as its got a stinky problem if you catch my drift, but WILL send it. I wash it after every ride-it doesnt smell at all till I use it again. Sorry for the grossness. Any non coded strap should work.

The wheel has never required truing after 2.5 years of use. The wheel was built by I would estimate mileage (remember its been serviced last summer) at 13,000 miles. The usual gouges from the cassette in the body, but Ive always kept it well greased.

I also have a set of Wheelbuilder plastic Disc Covers and hardware to turn this into a very fast TT wheel. I have used it in many TT's in this configuration and it feels very fast. NO Cassette and NO Skewer.

The ONE issue with this (like all other SL's) is that the HR is iffy on cold and windy days. A good layer of sweat is required for it to start working. So put water on your chest before mounting or ride harder. Not an issue on summer days.

I would prefer to keep the sale within the US. Shipping will be $40.00 fully insured and tracked (most likely via UPS Ground) in a wheelbox. Shipping for covers included.

$990.00 firm. This was a $2000.00 package. Money order preffered over PayPal. $1000.00 via Paypal.

One note-I cannot ship this wheel till May 30th. I need it for a TT to set-up a base for my w/kg at this practice TT we do every Thursday. After that I can be without a PT for a few weeks. but if you send a check-it should work out.

Ray Huang

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Westlake 5/13 So close, yet again!!

All the usual characters at Westlake adding up to 40 some A's. The first break rolled away on lap one that I chose unwisely not to be in. Zak, Dave Steiner and a bunch of others were in it and it stayed away for a few laps. I just found myself not wanting to go in a lap one break, but way out in front of the field. NO mans land so I soft pedaled. It was a pretty big break. And because I didnt go in it, I got to chase it along with Brian, Tris and Bob Martin of RGF. Lesson learned.

The second real split occurred and Tris had just pulled and I was now on the front. PM comes flying around with the top guns on his wheel. I want to crawl under a bus, but I hear Tris yell "Ray something or other" and I know what it means. So along the front stretch I somehow find 32+mph and pull us back. That blew out the cobwebs from an overly easy warm-up. Really, really hurt too let me tell you.

There is a big blur from there on and all I remember is seeing Clarke up the road a bit (just like RATL, right?)late in the race and I feel like its time for another break. I roll up and take a big pull and Brian Diffenbacher from Lake Effect has come along too.

At first its me and Clarke taking the bigger pulls, but Brian gets going and starts to pull through. But mostly I am the one trying to keep us away with longer pulls and trying to up the speed a bit with each pull. Andy says some thing like "you know were gonna get caught, Pauls back there". But I look back and weve got some serious real estate and the laps are winding down. 8,7,6,5. I also tell Clarke that I know, but I'm having too much fun. Yeah, my legs felt great tonight so why waste them.

Eventually Tris comes up and has a small group that includes Zak (Spin), Riccardi, Steiner (Snake Bite) and others and we keep pulling. SOme of the guys arent pulling very hard and considering how hard I would assume Tris and others probably pulled to bridge to us, I am not surprised. So again Tris and I take bigger, harder pulls. Tris pulls us at one point at 32mph!!

The story goes that teams who had guys up the road blocked the road (and after the bridge, all teams were represented except team Paul (Texas Road House)) and the speed dropped to 20 in the pack, but Paul came around the bloackade and pulled for 2 laps and eventually caught us. I think that was with 3 to go we were caught. So the break lasted a good 11 miles at least.

Some attacks started to go and I almost didnt make it as I stupidly tried to get off the front again, but all I did was tire myself out. The last 2 laps were super fast. I had 29.1 mph for the last 2 laps and 29.7mph for the last 3 miles!! I recovered and my team mate pulled me the whole last lap in hopes of finally getting me a top 5 I wanted so badly.

We fly past the parking lot, fly down by the baseball fields and the tempo is unreal. Through the cop turn and Paul is just a bit in front with maybe Baldesare. RGF has its sprinters I know and theres plenty of well rested guys in the field. We hit the final stretch and again I'm sitting with great position and at 200 meters everyone stands up and its time to go. I am on my own now and I am top 3, then top 5 and then wouldnt you know it and you can laugh, I have to, Shawn Adams comes by and I get 6th Again!!! So now Ive had two bunch finishes, 8,8,7,6,6 at Westlake since going there last year till now.

Well, I cannot complain, I had a blast in the breakaway and I felt great the whole last half of the race. I reset best 90 minute power and had a good workout. Woulda coulda, but it was the right break at the right time with the right teams and if it weren't for the awesome PM factor I am sure we would have stayed away. With 3 to go I was still feeling great and I still managed 6th in th fast and frenzied field sprint. My team mates were great too and Tris was flying. i am so sorry I didnt get the top 5 mates!! Nothing to show except a prime, but again I felt good about the race and our team.

Now its time to get packed and its off to Disney for family Vacation.

See you guys hopefully at Mid-Ohio!! I'll be a bit flat to say the least after 7 days of dining and brewskies, but hopefully tonight is a sign of good things for the summer as we get back to road racing.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Proof!! Proof I was in the break!! hahaha!!

These awesome pics are courtesy of Rick Adams. Thank you Rick.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

RATL Masters pics

Rudy Sroka

I brought my camera intent on catching the Cat.4 and Masters races, but I only got a few Masters picks. Great job to Rudy for soloing in for the Masters win and finishing the A race to boot. Also to John Ehrlinger for attacking the field and coming in for a solo 3rd place!!

John Ehrlinger

I must say one thing to John-your always in the drops in cross.....AERO baby!! :)

Getting low

RATL #4-Fast and Fun One!!

The last RATL A race was another stacked field. 44 racers from every team up here and some UPMC guys in there baby blues and a Summa rider (Jane Evely) who was fast at Westlake on Tuesday. My Torelli/Team Columbus teammates Batke and Tris were also there.

The cool and sunny race started out really fast. Cameron Jackson drilled it out of the lot and we flew up the climb the first two laps at 31mph. This high speed kept up and some breaks were being tossed off here and there. Some with varying degrees of threat and some covered by me, Tris and Batke. But one thing seemed certain, nothing was staying away for long. My only attempt at a break was to bridge up to some riders up the hill (I think an Inferno was away and Weeks went after it and I went after him). But a quarter of the way up the hill I thought I was closing fast on Weeks when Texas Roadhouse's Kirk Albers shoots by, crap must have been 5mphh faster than me. Just sick.

So mid-way through the fast race I am playing the caboose and look at my watch. 27 minutes in so i start to move up. Awhile later I decide its about time to watch lap cards and its 8 to go. With 6 to go I am near the front and Andy Clarke of RGF goes up the road solo. He was in the break Tuesday at Westlake so I go after him and when I come up I go in front and try and take a good hard pull so he knows I am not just there to suck wheels. We rotate and there is a gap, but Andy doesnt seem interested in a break with me till Batke comes up and yells "lets go."

So now were working and I am psyched. I am in the one break that looks like it might stick because weve got RGF, two Torelli's and Shawn Adams from Team Lake Effect is on too. YEEESSSS!! Of course it doesnt mean anything if it doesnt have Texas Roadhouse who also had Paul Martin in his National Road Championship jersey. Well as luck would have it they make the break too and do not pull the pack to us. We keep rolling and I take a pull out of the parking lot, but almost get dropped up the hill. I drill it past scoring staring at Paul's wheel and I just go till I am back on. WHEW-close one.

This continues till the bell lap. We have also now had a UPMC, my buddy Jeremy Grimm (RGF) and Jim Baldesare (Inferno)and my other teammate Tris Hopkins bridge up too. The last two laps get a bit crazy so I hope i get it right chronologically, but man was it exciting (at least from where I was sitting). Okay so Albers attacks and Batke is quick to counter. They roll off down the road. Now I am on the front and I am not jumping because I honestly feel great today, but I dont feel that great. Sitting to my left is Baldesare and sitting to my right is Grimm (two of the best sprinters around). And Paul Martin is trying to get Grimm to bridge. But hes not budging and neither is Jim. Then PM puts in one of his famous attacks on the other side of the road and goes after Albers and Batke by himself. No one reacts right away, not even the sprinters. Maybe everyone is feeling hosed!!

The UPMC takes a dig through the parking lot and Shawn also takes a dig. I get on both of there wheels, but I dont come around either and just slow as they slow. I am tempted to go for broke and try and bridge to PM, but my race is basically over because I cannot help bring sprinters to Batke who has a top 3 in the bag. Not that I had the legs to bring anyone up to PM, Batke and Albers!!

I look back a bunch because I do not want to get absorbed by the field, but I dont want to pull either. In retrospect I now wish I had worked with Shawn and the UPMC guy to stay away form the field or launched after PM and tried to hold his wheel... Darn, makes sense now!! But even when we got absorbed and Stefan Kadar jumped I sat there stuck to my saddle and just tried to stay at the front for the field sprint. So I probably had nothing left!!

Inferno lined up a few guys to the right over the bridge and RGF lined up 3 guys on the left. I couldnt get to the right so I took the left line and when they sprinted I sprinted, but as expected I wasnt very strong or fast, only sprinting a measly 711 watts, but I did hit the line at 32mph for an exciting, but not top 6 finish that I wanted. A lot of guys blew by me in the sprint, but I suppose none of them were in a break with the leg ripping off dudes I was with for 5 laps.

I had 26.9mph ave speed for the race too, but some guys said we went even faster. Thats fast for that course.

But I dare not complain!! After only 22 months of riding a bike I have either been very lucky or very observant to be making the right breaks with all Cat.1's and 2's this season. Many of those guys have raced for years if not decades. And I think as a team mate I am doing my job covering breaks, setting up later attacks and such stuff. Its been a great 3 RATL races I competed in and I thank the Summit Freewheelers and there staff for everything. See you all next season!!

Edit: Clarke, Batke and Albers broke away from us and Paul Martin bridged solo for a 4 up sprint. Batke got 3rd.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Races Not to Miss!!!

It really peaves me to drive to these well run races and have to line up with only 8 to 20 Cat1-3's. Where in the heck are you guys? Well maybe with some shouting I can help a bit so heres two very well run races coming up very soon I hope you can make. Both are put on by the MVC boys!!

Heres the race flyer for the Race for Alex

And heres the race flyer for the Mill Creek Criterium

Did I mention they are both well run and good courses? I especialy like the Mill Creek Crit course as its a closed course in a park with fun ups and downs, one fast (but safe) corner and an steep uphill before the finish. Great course. I will warn everyone there is a bumpy railroad track to cross in the Race for Alex and its fast so take off those carbon bottle cages and slap on some good old fashioned nylon or metal ones that really hold a bottle in good.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Tale of 8 intervals

So going to bed Wednesday night after a tiring day, what do I do? I lay in bed wide awake easily past 3am. I might have slept from 3 to 6am... I am up and start my coffee and exercises and Audrey calls from upstairs. Up before her alarm as usual!! I walk up the stairs and my thighs are burning. Not a good sign. Then I do squats, lunges, core and boy oh boy are my legs not happy to be moving today. Two sets, miserable and now it starts.

You'll know exactly what I mean "it starts" in a second. That self doubting, negative voice in your head that says "I dont want to train today!!" "How about a day off or a Z1 ride?" Nope, Ive got a set of 8 intervals at sub threshold followed by 5 consecutive jumps with little rest. Can you say dreading the day?

You know always building for the State Time Trial and thats exactly the statement I keep leveraging all morning as I pack my gear and drive to work. Over and over in my head the EXCUSES and LAME inner monologue. I keep asking myself is it better to rest, what about RATL, arent you worried about being tired for that race? Will Friday be enough rest? What about Fridays workout? Should I skip it? is it worth doing intervals if you cannot hold the wattage? Am I being a complete pansy? NO, you have to, RATL is fun, its training, but its not an A race. Intervals prepare you for time trialing and next week there are worse and longer intervals!!! Whats wrong with me that i cannot do 3 hard days in a row? Do I need to eat more dark green leafy vegetables? Did I take my vitamin this morning?

AiiieeeYYYAahhhh!!! Make it stop. So after checking to make sure my desk was still in my lousy little office and my warehouse was still full of everyting it was full of yesterday I suit up and drive to my lunch time ride place. Theres a perfect 2 mile (exactly) stretch perfect for 4 minute intervals with 2 minute rest. I warm up really slow and long and then off on my first interval. But not till a good bit of hearing that voice. Its telling me my left knee hurts a bit, maybe you should stop, maybe its bad to ride hard when your tired, maybe you shouldnt on less than 3 hours sleep.

#1 and #2 interval are wretched. No power, HR wont come up into Zone 3 much less igh Z3 and my legs are just screaming. By #4 its almost as if a vale is lifted and I am up around 320 watts on and off and I am looking forward to #5. But by #6 I am counting to see if I have one more or two more. OH crap, Ive got 3 more. #7 and #8 are agony again, but dammit I am doing them. But that damn inner monologue is horrid. I almost stopped to call Sean to ask if I could stop!?!?! WTH is that all about? I usually always go for broke on the last one, but this time I am past halfway and notice my wattage is only about 230 (down a small roller) I push and get 250 so push more to finish it off at 330 watts. But I get 260. Upshift and I push on the pedals really hard and get 288. Thats it, I'm done!! Feels like 350 watts, but in reality its 288-ok.

Finish up with the 5 jumps and roll back to the car and back to the office. My office isnt all bad though, it does have a nice shower!!

Man-you just got to hate that little voice!! Why doesnt it ever say something useful like "hey-heres a sure fire plan for a successful business venture" or "heres how you can alleviate world hunger and suffering" Nah-mines just a simple voice for a simple mind I guess. Well I heard you loud and clear today, but I wast listening!!!

This and That

Westlake on the 6th was a fast paced race. I tried to get away with Weeks and Greg jackson of Spin came along as well. But we got balked by the B's and a slow moving car who was watching Austen race! I felt awesome and thought I had good legs, but when we got absorbed the winning move went up the road with my team mate Batke, Kadar, Clark of RGF and Rudy Sroka.

What made the race so enjoyable was the coming out party of Snake Bite Racing in the A's. They missed the break and instead of sitting in the 4 of them did what they should have and all of them got in the front to pull it back in. I felt like I was in a pro Tour race. Sadly they got the assistance of basically no one even though they drew us within 100meters!! If any of the solo guys or Spin had organized at that moment the break would have been nullified. but they blew up in spectacular fashion and no one jumped across. Great job SBR!!

After the race Chad said he was riding near me when we almost made contact and could tell I was almost shaking to jump across or when the break came back to counter it right away. Funny it was so obvious. But I did not jump across because I felt so good from sitting in for so long that I knew everyone had to be feeling that good. And lo and behold the break went back up the road again uncontested.

To make a long and not that exciting story short the race was 26.9mph ave speed and the last lap when Tris jumped hard to bridge with Tom Keller of Snake Bite the pace jumped to 28.7 mph!! Thats a fast last lap and fast race pace. It didnt feel that fast to me, but thats probably why the talented break never got out of sight of us.

The break was caught by Tris, but sadly what was left of the field also made contact and a bunch sprint ensued. I had 3rd wheel till about 20m from the line and was hoping for that cash and point paying spot then got passed by 3 or 4 guys right before the line. Darn, but I was going as hard as I could. I believe an RGF soloed to victory timing his jump through the final corner to perfection. I was top 10 for sure, but that top 5 at Westlake still eludes me after 7 or 8 tries. I somehow ended up with 52miles for the night.

Wednesday morning I ride with a neighbor for an hour on mtb's after dropping our beautiful daughter's off at school. He is just starting into cycling so it was a relaxed ride (at least for me). I thought I felt good so was looking forward to the nights hilly hammerfest. But weather looked to be a deciding factor so at 3:55pm I headed out with Dave and Chris and we tooled around for a short bit then they headed home to avoid the rain. I kept heading north and picked up the pace substantially with the plan of doing hills hard and endurance pace between. I saw I had lots of time to ride to Spin and ride home with Thom so took a detour and I timed myself up Berkshire. I knew hills were out as soon as I went from Tempo to Threshold pace as my legs burned the whole way up. And not that good kind of self inflicted burn. But I did complete the run in 6:11 even without big power. I can tell now the Unofficial Berkshire Challenge fast time will definitely be in the mid 5 minute time!!

So around 5:15pm it starts to rain and I stop at Squires Castle for a nature break and to call Thom and tell him its gonna be a whicked headwind home as the branches on the trees were folding themselves over in the wind and its starting to rain and get colder. I am going home. So what do i do? I keep heading on north to Spin. Wednesday is endurance day (supposed to be 3 hours) and darn it, rain and wind is not going to stop me!! Hills were officially out, but I still felt like I should tough it out and get in the hours.

Again, long story short, Thom and I rode home steady pace into a cold rain and very blustery wind. I am so glad I brought a shell to wear. So hooray for Ray, I manned up a bit and got in about 3.5 hours for the day, although not all at one time. So many a holes honking at us and making life even more miserable. They are the ones in the dry cars, leave us the F alone!! But as they say, misery likes company.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

RATL#3 No Howitzers, lots of guns!!

Isnt weather always a part of spring racing in Ohio? All year for that matter. Today dished up rain and low 60's. The nly decision was knee warmers or no for me. I went with, but sort of regretted it, not that it mattered.

About 23 A racers at RATL with good representation from all local teams, but no Howitzers like PM or Grimm. Lots of guns, no heavy artillery!! Zak and Tris are the first break of two laps.

Pic by R. Sroka

On lap 6 the pace was starting to level out so I rolled right off the front casually and Dan Quinlan caught my move and we started to pull up then down the hill and through the parking lot. Dan loved to kill it through the lot. This time he sprinted one end to the other. Nuts!! I tried it later too so maybe nuts for me to.

I am not quite sure the particulars, but I think first to bridge was Andy Moskal now of RGF and Batke my teammate. Once this combo was together I almost got dropped and felt horrid for a lot of laps. Just weak. I was going all out in my mind, but I wasnt keeping up or able to pull through.

Someone in the peloton said Shawn Adams of Team lake Effect and Tris (another team mate) were next to go and bridging for quite some time, but once we ballooned to 6 the pace got easier and we were gone from the field. In fact it didnt seem to take too long to lap two groups of riders in large groups. Up the finish hill Shawn attacked for a prime and we all caught on but Tris, but he caught us that same lap.

With three to go I attacked through the parking lot thinking maybe I had recovered, but I didnt and got dropped up the hill that same lap. Luckily the pace wasnt too hard and I never stopped going as hard as I could (which wasnt very fast) and I caught on eventually too.

With 1 to go we had the numbers so first Tris attacked before and through the parking lot and I attacked down the hill to the bridge, but my legs gave out quick and i didnt even make it to the bridge before sitting up. I rolled in slowly and watched Brian start his sprint on the left, but from the back of the group of 5 and still got 2nd. I watched it from about 100m behind and thought he had won. Tris got 5th and I got 6th. Andy too the win.

So although we didnt win the break, we did put our whole team into the break which is pretty cool for me. I dont know why I had such pitiful legs today, but I guess it didnt matter since I launched the winning split and we got 3 of the 6 paying spots. And I got another point for my license!! I wanted 3 or 4 points today, but I had unwritten duties as team mate to uphold too. Weakest guy cannot dictate the team tactics. Maybe it was the wind and rain that got me. For sure my after race download showed me with the most time in Tempo and Threshold HR in a crit this year or maybe last. Usually theres a lot of Zone 2, but not today-it was almost 100% Z3, Z4. Being in a break for 15 laps I suppose will do that. Average speed was ~25.5mph which isnt bad considering how slow we were up the finish hill and other spots due to the wind.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

1987 TOSRV

TOSRV 1987
Yikes. Look at that cotton shirt and red non lycra tights!! SWEEET!!! The glasses? Rudy Project!! I won them in my first Crit as a prime. It was all downhill in crits after that.

Theres my Panasonic bike (ahh different fork), Look pedals (still have them-perfect shape)Rolls saddle and probably 7 speed.

For you old timers, recognize anyone?

Presque Isle Photos

Hurt Locker
For those who were there and made winter changes like I did to your position or just want an action picture, heres a letter form the photogs you might have seen clicking away as you hammered it home.

HI Ray,

Thank you for your interest in what we do. We were hoping that more riders were interested, as we came from Grand Island, NY to cover the event. We were also there for the "Rick Gorzynski Memorial Time Trial '07" and we should also be there for that event this year. Other events we're hoping to attend are the Rochester Crit., and the Fall time trial at PI ....but we're certainly open to suggestions for other worthy events.

If we can at least cover our gas, and maybe some of our effort with orders, then we consider the event a success.

Please spread the word for us, as we know there have been others who have also made corrections to their riding position from our action shots. We are also improving our technique as well as our camera equipment. It becomes easier for us to upgrade equipment when more people buy photos.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness in your personal reply.

We'll be shooting you again soon!!!

Len & Karen Sorbello
Grand Island, NY

Photos were scanned in.

At speed