Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a week. Leroy TT's again.

Saturday I did Mid-Ohio, Sunday I got sick while riding, but got in 2 hours before I had to quit and call in the sag wagon, Monday rest and Tuesday 8 threshold intervals followed by 12 sprints, Wednesday two rides of 3 hours and 1 hour for 2400 calories burned!! Then tonight was my first Leroy TT hosted solely by Jim Behrens. The plan was to do the TT followed by two long intervals and 6 more short threshold intervals.

I wont bore you with my usual details, but I went pretty quick at 27.2mph, but fell short of my personal best from last fall of 16:52 by 6 seconds. I was only mildly disappointed because after going 45 seconds faster than last year at Presque Isle I had hoped to post up some big power numbers tonight. See at Leroy last year and at PI last fall and this spring I did not use my Powertap so I had no data to crunch. Yeah-thats a bit hard for me.

So the goal tonight was not to go for the course record but to collect data for Sean Gilbert my coach and I to use. But alas it seems I was very tired in the legs and I put out less power than last fall when I went 17:05. That day I used the strategy of going out easy and coming home hard. I used my Powertap with disc covers.

Just for fun heres some comparison data from Sept of 2007 and tonight.

2007 2008
First 2 miles 26.1mph 305 watts 27.3 309

To turn 26.1 303 27.4 307

Turn to 23.6 293 23.8 289

Turnaround to 29.2 295 29.1 288

Last mile 30.6 317 29.7 297

So what does this mean? Well for one it wasnt a very good test of power. I just didnt have it, but tired and lacking power there are two very important things. First I still went 16 minutes if only barely. Thats not shabby for May (and a week after Disney). Conditions were good, but it was a bit chilly and the air really hurt my throat after the ride. I was tired and that really became evident afterwards when we did more intervals. Also look at how little power I put out the last mile.

Now the most important thing is I didnt use my disc, but it seems that even with less power I am going the same speed or maybe a tick quicker this year. So this helps confirm that my UCI Legal TT position is pretty slick.

It doesnt make sense to taper for a middle of the week training TT so of course I wont, but its good to know that were going in the right direction for States and Nationals.

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