Friday, May 23, 2008

My Powertap for sale

Goog GAWD have I gone crazy? No wattage for Ray, Ray? NO worries, I am thinking about going to the 2.4 wireless for a couple reasons. First is to clean up the wiring on my bikes (especially my TT bike). 2nd so I can easily loan the package out to riders who may want to experiment with Power training and to do some testing with real data and last the coded strap.

Heres my sale blurb I have put on some sights already:

I am thinking about going to the 2.4 wireless so tossing out my Zipp 303 clincher 28h rim (non dimpled) and Sapim CX-Ray black spoke wheel with Powertap SL hub (has been working great for me-not selling because of any issues). It has been back to Saris for new bearings and cassette last year as well as the latest seals. The cover has a crack, but a piece of tape keeps it sealed from moisture.

Rim strip, training tire (Vitt. Rubino pro), Two latest sharkfin mounts both with cadence and SL computer, CD, original box, instructions, USB connector for PC, etc. all come with this deal. I wouldnt recommend my heart rate strap as its got a stinky problem if you catch my drift, but WILL send it. I wash it after every ride-it doesnt smell at all till I use it again. Sorry for the grossness. Any non coded strap should work.

The wheel has never required truing after 2.5 years of use. The wheel was built by I would estimate mileage (remember its been serviced last summer) at 13,000 miles. The usual gouges from the cassette in the body, but Ive always kept it well greased.

I also have a set of Wheelbuilder plastic Disc Covers and hardware to turn this into a very fast TT wheel. I have used it in many TT's in this configuration and it feels very fast. NO Cassette and NO Skewer.

The ONE issue with this (like all other SL's) is that the HR is iffy on cold and windy days. A good layer of sweat is required for it to start working. So put water on your chest before mounting or ride harder. Not an issue on summer days.

I would prefer to keep the sale within the US. Shipping will be $40.00 fully insured and tracked (most likely via UPS Ground) in a wheelbox. Shipping for covers included.

$990.00 firm. This was a $2000.00 package. Money order preffered over PayPal. $1000.00 via Paypal.

One note-I cannot ship this wheel till May 30th. I need it for a TT to set-up a base for my w/kg at this practice TT we do every Thursday. After that I can be without a PT for a few weeks. but if you send a check-it should work out.

Ray Huang


GB said...

Can I save $$ and just borrow your new 2.4G one from ya - HA! ;)

Let me know if there are no takers. Money's a little scarce right now (thanks to Brett selling me the Ritchey break away that he'd bought off of Rick).


Robb_Z said...

You know you can call Saris and have your SL upgraded to a 2.4 for $500. You send them your wheel and they send it back to you rebuilt as a 2.4 with all new electronics/accessories. Has to be an SL (c/f windows) though, not the old pro.

Ray Huang said...

I wasnt aware of that upgrade. That would save me whole lot of aggravation and green.

Thank you!