Friday, May 9, 2008

Races Not to Miss!!!

It really peaves me to drive to these well run races and have to line up with only 8 to 20 Cat1-3's. Where in the heck are you guys? Well maybe with some shouting I can help a bit so heres two very well run races coming up very soon I hope you can make. Both are put on by the MVC boys!!

Heres the race flyer for the Race for Alex

And heres the race flyer for the Mill Creek Criterium

Did I mention they are both well run and good courses? I especialy like the Mill Creek Crit course as its a closed course in a park with fun ups and downs, one fast (but safe) corner and an steep uphill before the finish. Great course. I will warn everyone there is a bumpy railroad track to cross in the Race for Alex and its fast so take off those carbon bottle cages and slap on some good old fashioned nylon or metal ones that really hold a bottle in good.

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