Sunday, July 20, 2008

First 5k running race

Iiickk, yuck, phooey. HUUUMID!! Luckily it was only in the 70's, not 90's like it has been.

I participated in the Richmond Heights Family Fun day race. My first ever running race. My first run was the day after Nationals on July 1st. I ran 5 minutes and was sore. The next day I ran 8 minutes. In a week I ran 20 minutes, then 43 minutes and took off the rest of this week from running, but had a big week of training on the bike and in the pool.

I had no idea how to pace except what I can come up with in my head. So I picked out a girl whom I see running all of the time who looks serious and said I'll try and keep up with her. The race starts and some people trip and fall, but after a bit were on Highland road and I settle into a rhythm I think I can hold. The girl is up the road already, but I start to gain a bit on her and her group and the first mile comes through and I did a 6:53!!! I am ecstatic and try and pick up my speed a bit for the next mile.

I either misheard the 2nd mile or I slowed down a minute. Were running through the Richmond Mall parking lot and I can see the runners ahead are now spread out way ahead. I was amazed at how everyone stayed close the first half a mile or so, bit now its one by one. Theres a strong headwind on Richmond road too. So headwinds affect runners as well as cyclists, though it seems more dramatic on the bike, or maybe I havent run enough or long enough.

I run harder up hills and try and go faster on the downhills, but I seem to be slower than other runners downhill. As we head into what i assume is the last half a mile or so I pick-up the pace while trying to land my feet softer and pick my feet up as quick as i can. I pass the last guy directly in front of me and try and drop him by going even faster. As I make the turn back into the park I can hear the announcer and hes calling times in the 19 minute range and I have less than a 0.1mi to go. I know I wont make sub 20 minutes, but I sprint it out really hard anyways running as fast I think I can (but not on my toes-got to learn how to do that) and cross in 20:50 or so. I'll have to wait till official results are posted on the Hermes Cleveland sight tonight to know for sure.

So now I have my baseline!! The girl I waned to target ran 19:45 so maybe if I had gotten right behind her at the start I might have been able to gut out a sub 20 run my first time, but who knows. I probably would have had to run too hard too soon and been slower at the end. The good thing is the run was minutes faster than I expected and should be a decent time for the JCB biathlon. But Time Trialing on the bike after a run like that?? Wow, thats gonna hurt!! Starting to figure it out!


MikeV said...

That's a great time for your first 5K race! A brick workout is the best way to test the legs from run to bike transition. I always feel a little wobbly the first minute and then I can feel the "switch". Keep it up!

Ray Huang said...

results are in 20:48. I feel that now that I have done one race, if I didnt have to race a bike aftewards I could go a lot deeper sooner.

Thanks Mike and great job at the Huntington!!