Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I apologize!!!

Man this is like postalooza for me these days, eh? haha!! or is that Blogalooza, blogalooser.....

So I said it would take a few days for my brain to assimilate all of the data from Nats and then correlate it to States and think on it some more. Oh, I'm still chewing on data, you know that.

Well after a few days I am satisfied and maybe even a bit elated to say that I am happy with 15th place at Nats.

So to those who I guess would like to kick me in my nuts for seemingly never being "perfectly" happy with my good results, I apologize. And on so many levels I truly do mean it.

But this is my blog I suppose so I say it like I feel it.

I'll tell you this too, every time trial I do for the rest of this year I am gonna open a fresh can of whoop-ass!! I may and probably will try something a little different at each one, but the main thing will be total focus and positive energy. No self doubt!!

Man-I dont even want to see my TT bike for a few weeks, but wheres the next TT I can do??!?!?! GGGrrrrrr!!

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Jim Behrens said...

Leroy every Thursday!