Friday, July 18, 2008

I give, I give!!!

Monday I upped my running mileage from 3 to 5 miles. Tuesday I commuted in to work 16 miles each way. I felt good enough on the way home I was riding pretty fast and did one sprint over 1000 watts. Wednesday 3 hours of hammering in the hills. I rode hard enough to reset best power numbers at 20,30,60 and 120 seconds.

We (Jack Sutte, Mike Larimer, Thom Domonic) ended the ride by riding a high tempo all the way up Cedar going 22 to 24 mph on the false flat and finishing with the sign sprint on Fairmont just over the I271 bridge. Every ride or run in 90 degree weather this week or darn close. Loads of electrolytes and water. I should buy stock in Hammer products.

Then Thursday of course was the Track races and the 500m TT. So onto today. Commute to work in already morning 90 degree temps. I also need ot invest in sun block companies too. Tired, maybe a bit cranky in the head and I took my good time warming up then 8 2-minute intervals followed by 30 second all out then 10 sec all out jumps. at first I couldnt see how I could do one interval today much less 20 of them, but after the first I was more or less okay. There were a few I ...oh maybe didnt quite go as hard as I should have. You know, maybe just one or two...

I'm at work wolfing down brown rice, grilled chicken and veggies and thinking i might have to call in the sag wagon for the ride home. I was thinking maybe a 3 to 4 hour hill ride tomorrow, but I think I might watch the Tour instead of riding. Whew....

OH-btw its my 16 year wedding anniversary today!! yeah us!!

Oh and Sunday I might, MIGHT sign up for a 5k running race in Richmond heights just to see what time I turn as a baseline. Give me a time to shoot for in later races or PB runs.


cyclonecross said...

Happy Anniversary! Mad props to your wife for puttin up with ya ;P

Ray Huang said...

I am sure its tough for her!!

Thanks for helping me figure out the cadences form Thursday night. Looks like I averaged 127 cadence to go 27.2 ave speed in the 500m. WOw-thats fast, but I should be able to spin even faster I should think.

OH-added ot the weeks workouts I did about 10 25m laps of the pool after work. Not consecutively though. NO way!! Whew-what a week.