Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Whats the whining about again?

I got to admit, I whine a lot lately. Damn and I dont even let my daughter whine (shoe does it anyways). But me-ohhh, my legs hurt from running, I'm soo tired, I hurt my back, I dont want to train alone anymore, I dont want to ride in the rain, my hips hurt, my knee hurts, my thighs hurt, I dont want to train at all....

Yiikes, you'd think I was a real girly man. OH, but thats an insult to girls who arent whiners...ummmm...ok-not gonna go there!! haha!

So I call Sean Gilbert to ask him to look after a friend of mine whos looking for a TT bike when she comes to Bike Authority...and I got to throw in my bit about how my legs didnt hurt TOO BAD after my Monday 20 min run, but come Tuesday (heres where I really start whining) after I commuted to work and did some fast pedal intervals my hips hurt (yeah, I said hips again), my thighs tightened up and I was worried about hammering on the Spin Willoughby Bike shop Wednesday ride.

Yeah, I was actually worried about riding hard, what with more running Thursday and racing Saturday at the Shreve hilly road race. I wanted something in the tank. But I got to tell you, Sean's a super nice person, but I am starting to get the feeling he thinks I am a bit of a whiner. I can hear it in his voice when I start crying about my wootle boo boos and my pansy ass attitude.

He doesnt quite come out and say "MAN UP", but its there and hes right. His comment to me, not quite in an exact quote was "whats the worst that can happen, you'll be sore?". Man, I really like Sean and hes a quite a coach. He helped me to get a nice fit and some Brooks Adrenaline shoes for running. Yup, you guessed it, I was whining about buying expensive running shoes and he matter of factly said, you need good shoes to run to not get injured. Or at least to know if the back pain and aches are from running or bad shoes. The shoes seem good. Thank you Sean and thank you Fleet Feet.

Runnings not going too bad. Monday I ran 20 minutes (my third run)almost non stop and covered about 2.6 miles give or take. I kept checking cadence and I was between 84 and 88 at the pace I was going. I learned that I am not suppose to be striding as long as I can per se, but keeping a comfortable cadence, keeping the feet landing and lifting quickly for lack of a better definition.

So was I whining today? Sure was. I went on the Spin ride with some friends and some newcomers to the ride and was saying that my legs hurt (OHHH boo, the heck Hooo) so I wasnt expecting to climb well. You know if I get dropped, dont wait up!!

Well the ride was a blast with Thom and Matt Weeks putting down some real horsepower at times and me? I climbed just fine. Now tomorrow when I wake up and my legs go--ouch, will I be whining? And Friday when I wake up from running Thursday night will I be whining about my thighs and back and hips? Yeah, I am pretty darn sure I will. But I'll get out those running shoes or get on that bike again and ride or race. I'm slowly and very stubbornly learning that every race isnt an A race. And most importantly that pain and recovery are just part of the game.

OH yeah, hows that saying go? No Pain, no gain!! Yeah, got can I open another beer or will it make me fat???

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