Tuesday, July 1, 2008

short post, shorter run

Well I did my first run tonight. I did an easy 25 mile recovery ride and then immediately put on some trail running shoes Ive got and ran for only 5:15. Yeah short, but I figured i'd be sore even at that length of run. And guess what? I am sore already!! Darn it!!

After dinner I rode the same path I ran and it was .067 miles. I'll try and run 7 or 8 minutes tomorrow. That will hopefully be a mile. Hopefully if I am not in need of medical attention by the weekend i hope to do that flying mile I discussed before I tore my mcl (slight tear) XC skiing.

Why am I running? So I can do the JCB biathlon solo. Last year Chris Martino and I won the team competition.


cyclonecross said...

I coulda told you about the being sore part. I ran 1.5mi on Thurs; let's just say that the legs were a little less than fresh for Raccoon Rally. DS was kind enough to post video of my legs going up in flames at the start of the 2nd lap.

JC Sell said...

Good Stuff Ray.

I've mapped out a 5k course from my office downtown on superior. I did it last Thursday in 28:00 (8:45 pace), and then this morning in 27:00 (8:25 pace).

Good thing we have 53 days to prepare!


Ray Huang said...

Yeah-I could feel it commuting in this morning. My legs felt dead.

JC-right on. I will run again tonight. maybe right as soon as I get home from work so my legs will be nice and warmed up. I might try and run 8 to 9 minutes this time to make sire I go at least 1 mile, but not much more!! Keep up the improvements!!