Thursday, March 12, 2009

That didnt go as planned.

Looking forward to traine.r workouts is probably not the healthiest thing to do. But Thursday has been my TT bike workout and so far I have been hitting new bests for power and interval lengths have been going up as well. So more power over a longer period of time. Yes!! Thats how its supposed to work. Not personal bests, just bests compared to last week.

Well this AM I really wanted to knock one out as I would be off the bike for 3 days (of great weather no less). But sometimes things just dont work out. Not only did I not hit anything resemblng TT wattage, my TT resembled something more like a casual Tempo ride. I was 30 watts, 9bpm and over 1mph slower than last week.

OH well. But I just kept plugging away. One thing about training with power and HR for so long you just know when your not firing on all cylinders. I wasnt on, but i wasnt sick (well, maybe some bug that robs power) so I just kept going and completed the workout. NO freaking out, just a bit of disappointment because its fun to ride hard and see good numbers.

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