Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what a fun day

7:30am on the trainer doing a 8 mi TT. Got some crazy data that I cannot resolve, but only guess at. One computer was reading one wattage and the other (on the trainer) was reading 30 watts higher consistently!! Hhhhmmmm.... you know which one I'd like to believe!! But if I split the difference (What a dumb thing to do, but oh well) I am pretty happy!!

11:30am to the skating rink for 2 hours. Getting lessons from my daughters 7 year old friend who is a little rocket on skates (and he and his team won the State Championship in Mite's Hockey). and I confirmed that I am about as bad on my left skate as I am on my left ski. I guess I will have to forgo the World Cup XC Skiing future.....

4:30 soccer across the street with Audrey and friends.

OK, hoping the rain lets up so I can go on a fast, hilly ride this afternoon. Got to see how the legs go against guys who have already done a few races.

I hope I don't get dropped or puke or something.


JimmyNick said...

Welllll? Dropped? Puked? Punk'd 'em?

Ray Huang said...

I got dropped or gapped a few times. Them boys are fast and strong. But my recovery is good and I was able to attack or ride hard one after another. I need more rides or races to get that top end power back.

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