Friday, March 27, 2009

Impressive driving!!

I was out for the pre-race ride. Gorgeous day. I went when it was still a bit chilly. I put on my so called "Race Wheels" with race tires to make sure everything was cool. Those being the $179 (shipped) aluminum rim clinchers I scored on ebay last fall. Basically a American Classic 420 knock off except a hair lighter and a couple less spokes. Glad I did because I had shifting issues the whole ride. Got some easy work to do tonight in the work stand. Someday deep section carbon tubulars, someday!!

But, gotta love this. Going west on Shaker this am and a lady pulls by, hits the brakes, no turn signal and turns into the driveway and I grab brakes and slow to almost a stop to wait for them to pull completely in the driveway. Car full of family or friends. Hope they were all impressed with her driving.

A driver in the left lane came by on his horn and hand in the air. He looked pissed. I dont know if he was upset because she shot in front of him and hit the brakes or he was upset for the move she pulled on me. I hope the latter. No harm came to me and I didnt even bother to yell. The guy honking took care of that for me. I wish I had taken the time to see what address it was so I could send a nice letter.


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