Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Power

You will put out 500 wattsStarting to prepare for the race season. We had another pizza party with delicious 60 minute IPA and Sam Smiths Stouts waiting for us after the 3 mile Torture test. We even had a guest racer who only came to soak in the spectacle of guys racing and not going anywhere. But dressed for commuting (including jacket, gloves and light (not on) he laid down a very respectable 8:09. I think he surprised himself and as I told him, climb like that on the road!! I wont mention his name in case he wishes to remain anonymous.

The fastest time of the night went to Thom Dominic who scorched it up the climb for a 6:51!! Dave Steiner still holds the Rays Basement TT record at 6:49, but he no doubt taught us how deep we need to go. I went 7:19 and put out 20 more watts than last time!! Pete put out 31 watts more than last time. Sandbagger.

I am happy with that because I reset my best 5 and 6 minute power numbers during the test. Not bad for February and almost no threshold training. OKay-the CT reads higher than my PT, but still, I went balls to the walls and almost puked so I know I was at the limit. Sure its only a 7:19, but on the road I think I would have been flyin!!

3 mile TT on 2_25_09

And Yohe? Well lets say he did track (that is high school track, not velodrome) yesterday and was a bit flat, but with some recovery this training block will make him stronger.

I commuted today and rode steady zone 1 all the way. I was shifting down the whole ride, never up. I will resist the urge to fly home as I usually do. I usually feel great on these double days. Tomorrow I ride the TT bike "in anger" on the trainer and try and knock out some serious speed as I prepare for the first big race for me of 2009, Presque Isle. The last two times at PI I did it at 27.9mph!! I want 28 or faster this spring, conditions be damned. I want 28+!!

The TT bike is ever evolving, but I think I have finally got all the front end parts about where they need to be. What a mess of clamps and tubes and risers, etc. Not very aero mechanically speaking, but I feel like I am more aero for sure. I had a lot of fun cutting up pieces and moving everything around though. Once I have my fit done for 2009 I hope I can find a very aero bar set-up thats half the weight and no clamps, etc.


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