Thursday, February 5, 2009

How Fit People Party

suffer fest

Last night six of us east siders congregated in my basement to have a party. But this party had a twist as we were all going to race our bikes. What else are you going to do when youve been cooped up for months? We all took turns on my Computrainer and did the same 3 mile TT course that Bike Authority is doing on Thursday nights. I and everyone at the party is planning on doing the BA Series so this was some good practice.

None of us had done the course before (including myself)and on the surface it looked pretty easy. Well when the race is only 3 miles its never easy. Jacqui had commented she had never ridden her bike fast for such a short distance. With Half and Full Iron Mans in her summer plans, I guess this would be speed work. She really laid it down too.

To speed things up I reluctantly went first as I warmed up before most of the people stopped by. I took off too hard and really suffered on the descent and first part of the .94mi climb. I also paced somewhat off of wattage once I settled down after the start. Holding a set wattage is something I am very used to from trainng with a power meter and that probably wasn't wise over such a short distance. I usually train with power, but race on Perceived Exertion and speed. Anyways, excuses aside I went 7:28:93. Its not like I didnt suffer mind you!! I was totally gassed at the end.

Pete went next and did a 8:04:75. He suffered at the top f the climb and really dug deep to push it to the line. Next up was Thom and we cheered him onto a blistering 7:01. The speed he carried down the descent (40mph at one point)and the constant wattage up the climb were impressive. High school er Dave Y went next and on his new bike he turned in a 8:11:39. Not shabby.

Then Dave S was next....Well he took off like Fabian Cancellara at the Tour Prologue and we thought for sure he was going to blow running 500+ watts. He screamed down the descent and hit the first mile 9 seconds up on me and whats more he was 7 up on Thom. He went so hard at the bottom of the climb we all thought he was going to blow sky high, but he kept up the insane wattage and passed the 2 mile mark 31 seconds up on me and 14 up on Thom. Yikes!!

He would have to fall off his bike to not set the fastest time of the night. He did start to fade, but his last mile was equal to Thom's last mile and a further 8 seconds up on me. His time? 6:49!!! Yup I didnt mistype that. Boys and girls I believe we have a prologue specialist amongst us.
beer and pizza too

We finished the night off with our only lady who had not ridden her TT bike since August and has only been teaching her spin classes during the week. This was the first time I have seen her ride her Cervelo P2SL which I recommended she buy at Bike Authority. The fit they gave her looked fast and she laid down great wattage and rode hard to a 8:24!! She also chose Ozzy for her music to race with!! Jacqui is one of the mothers that I was running 12k's with in the mornings.
aeroful and powerful
Now if I didnt lay awake almost all night last night (like Monday and Tuesday nights too)and wasnt traveling to PA for the weekend of Cross Country skiing and two races Sunday I would go to BA tonight!! This not sleeping thing sucks. That WAS my plan, but all I want to do now is go back to bed. But alas I will have to put it off for another week.


MikeV said...

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the store soon. Tonight we had seven riders. Top time was a 7:08. Last week we had a 7:04, so far all the times have been close. We've got five races left in the series. Nice job Dave!

Ray Huang said...

MikeV Those times are spectacular. I guess I am weak!! Great job on Jacqui's fit too. She looks comfy and is making good power with virtualy little training.