Friday, February 13, 2009

Stage race and more

Yahoo!! I finally rode outside. Its been weeks or more than weeks. Maybe more than a month. Riding hilly courses on the Computrainer has certainly helped. Hills didnt feel hard at all today. Not easy, just not hard. Though the windchill down Old Mill was certainly something my CT cannot replicate. And Thank you PI for the amazing Lobster Amfib glove. Too hot for a 30 degree "training" ride, but perfect for a long commute!! I always wanted a pair and finally bought some for myself in December.

Also, keep your eyes open for development of a 3 day Stage race in Mahoning County put on by Team Carbon and Dan Quinlan. Its called the Tour of the Valley. I just posted about the Greenford race Dan promoted and it was a very well run race.

HOpefully riding outside again Saturday, Sunday then its back on the trainer next week and hopefully to Bike Authority Thursday to get my bootie smacked in the 3 mile TT.

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