Monday, February 9, 2009

Ski Trip

Audgee Podge
Alex racing

The PA ski trip has come and gone again. The 2nd year for Audrey and I to go and snow conditions werent that great so I kept my $27 in my pocket and did not do the races. An odd thing not to race when others do. I feel like a wuss. But I did do the 8.5km course Sunday with another coach and with her guidance and a good 4km or more following her every kick (like she was my metronome) my skate skiing was almost transformed. And climbing early on (before I got exhausted) really got a lot better.

So how am I rewarded for being such a good student? The big thaw!! But on the bright side, I plan on pounding out some base mileage this week. I plan an almost 3 hour extended commute Wednesday morning and then the 1 hour commute home that afternoon. All on my cross bike (with road tires) as it only has a 42x12-25 gearing.

Along with my trainer rides on the TT bike (I dont want to take it out on salty roads and it doesnt have a small chain ring right now) and what I hope will be good Saturday weather I might break 3 hours of cycling in one week!!


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