Sunday, June 15, 2008

The war is on!!

Man did I feel awesome today. Well rested (finally) and felt like tearing it up. Wish I had gone to Preque Isle today!!

Anyways, have you noticed more animosity the last few rides? I sure as heck have. I havent been honked at and near missed so many times as I have the last few rides.

My guess is that theres more recreatioal cyclists on the roads and drivers are feeling threatened in there womb like interiors of thir cars.

What really bugs me for some reason are all of the "luxury" cars driven by elderly drivers yellihng, honking and swerving at us. Why does it matter what kind of car?

Well I guess its because you sort of expect that sort of behavior form people in trucks (the louder the truck the bigger the asshole behind the wheel often times (i.e. diesels, trucks with headers and open exhausts)). Sort of like that neanderthal thing. ME GOT truck, UGMM, me dumb redneck.

But youd think that with money and age that there is also education, but clearly that matters not.

my rant is over. ON the positive side, during change things usually get worse before thye get better. So lets wait till the roads are clogged with cyclists, drivers feel less threatened or just give up acting like complete losers with low moral character and roads become safer again.


cyclonecross said...

I haven't ridden since Monday, so hopefully things are better now. ;)

Bill said...

Couldn't agree with you more Ray!

Jim Behrens said...

Just got back from a week in Tennessee and had ZERO problems. Amazing to me but it was great (and the scenery was great too).