Thursday, June 12, 2008

Team Lake Effect TT#1, Jam car!!!

No warm-up-or a short one anyways. Another hot evening (90's for sure).

We turned the wrong way off the exit and did a tour de Remson road west.

Still, even with the maybe 15 minute warm-up I felt pretty good on the start and as usual after the first fast turn it was hard, but the whole first lap I felt pretty darn good and I thought I paced myself really well. I actually went a little conservative recalling the last lap in 2007 and how hard it was physically and mentally.

To start the second lap I really tried to hump it up the climb at about 14mph and get back up to speed. But I got balked hardcore by a car who couldnt pass a slower rider and I had to hit the brakes. The first lap from a dead stop it took 1:28 at 33.2mph to get to turn one (0.814miles). On lap two with the Jam car it took me 1:38 at 29.5mph. According to my download of data I wasnt pedaling for 21 seconds!!!

But I didnt lose my cool at all and when she finally accelerated away I got back to business. The next two miles after the turn I was a little quicker on lap one. 4:37 vs. 4:49. That stretch is really hard!! The last two miles of the course I did a lot better than last year though I was lacking in motivation to really put myself in the hurt locker like I should have, but I got by with a 4:49 on lap one and a 4:57 on lap two. So in the end I did 11:16 on lap one and 11:35 on lap two. I estimate I lost about 12 or so seconds due to the car so I am really happy since I didnt feel that strong tonight and I wasnt focused. I did jam up the last hill with Dave Steiner as the rabbit and went up at 21mph!! A whole 6mph faster than lap one, but it was a full out sprint to the line!!

Officially I have a 23:03 and without the car I think maybe a 22:50 was possible? I went 23:11 last year. Brian Batke got 2nd at 22:25 I think and Paul Martin in full TT gear went 21:45. What did feel good was racing on my Zipp Sub9 disc and hearing that cool sound. Its making a clunk sound though so I need to diagnose that immediately. I think my Flashpoint Fp60 front feels faster than my tubular 2002 Zipp 404, though they are both on Zipp Tangente tires. FP is a clincher and 404 is a tubie tire. I have no way of testing that though. The Tubie is 190 grams lighter with rdial spokes and the FP60 has a more toroidal shape. OH decisions!!

And of course afterwards I did two more laps at sub race pace pretty much in agony to hold any wattage and then some intervals. Ouch. My HR strap must have a dead battery too so I didnt get any data.

Thank you to my friends at Team Lake Effect for the great job you did sweeping corners, marshalling and holding the bikes for the start. Luv you guys and gals!!

And now time to finally rest up for States. OH I am SOOO going to enjoy tapering after this peak cycle. Thank you to Sean for the great and hard coaching. I sure hope I dont suck!! I dont plan on it. I feel like a balloon thats filling up with air and by next Sunday morning I am sure I'll feel like bursting!!


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Great job Ray!! Is your goal still top 3 overall? I think you'll get it! Good Luck!

are you coming next week to TLE?

cyclonecross said...

I really wanted to do the TT last night but had to attend a meeting instead. :(

Sucks about the car, but good job keepin your cool. I've never riden the course, did you use a TT bike or road bike? I've been told a road bike might be better with the hills.


Ray Huang said...

A TT bike is still the way to go, but compared to other curses if youve got clip-ons you should be fine. The rollers and hills do take it out of you. Its a really hard 10 miles!!

Ray Huang said...

Robert great ride for you!! Top 3 would be amazing, but top 5 is my goal and win my age group. Nationals is a whole other ballgame. Theres some fast 40 year olds there baby!!

Heres results form the Lake Effect website.

Lap #1 Lap #2 Total Time

1.Paul Martin 10:43 11:02 21:45
2. Brian Batke 11:05 11:20 22:25
3. Ray Huang 11:21 11:42 23:03
4. Rudy Sroka 11:16 11:50 23:06
5. Matt Weeks 11:35 11:40 23:15
6. Shawn Adams 12:17 12:21 24:38
7. Tony Marut 12:07 12:36 24:43
8. Dave Steiner 12:19 12:43 25:02
9. Bill Marut 12:17 13:02 25:19
10. Richard Wiley 12:50 12:32 25:22
11. Greg Flecher 12:29 13:02 25:31
12. Pete Scacheri 12:55 13:01 25:56
13. Tom Humphrey 12:54 13:09 26:03
14. Chris Riccardi 12:45 13:24 26:09
16. Eric Flecher 14:42 14:00 28:42
16. Gwen Davis - woman 14:17 14:55 29:12
17. Robert Sroka (13 yr) 14:43 15:00 29:43
18. William Flecher 14:39 15:38 30:17
19 .Matt Tuskan 14:52 15:37 30:29
20. Dave Frye 15:07 15:53 31:00
21. Zach Johnson (10 yr) 19:10 20:04 39:14
22. Ron Barnhart 12:47 28:43 41:30