Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More things for sale...

I am going to part out my cross bike and also try and sell off a few things here again. Its seems I have my self a wee bit over extended (hey I'm American, inst that the way it is supposed to be?).

I encourage anybody to come and see them anytime. I can bring them to races, etc.

-52cm Dedaccai 7005 aluminum cross frame and carbon fork (no headset). $300.00
I cannot be more truthful when i say it rides like a steel bike and handles amazing. I truly love this bike. Not liking it is not one of the reasons for selling it. Its not detned, but it is chipped and shows some wear from one cross racing season.

-Flashpoint FP60 front wheel $300.00 (No tires)

-5 and 6kw (5000 to 6000 watt) gasoline and diesel generators. Most new or slightly used (tested). Call me for details. 440-735-0554. These are prototypes and samples we bought to try and possibly sell. Price will be super low, but understand that you are on your own to find parts. We can try and help locate them as a friend, but it will be up to you to actually order them , etc. Again, CHEAP=some hardship!!

-10 and 12kw Diesel standby generator sets. Some need some wor as these are units we did not sell due to QC issues. They are all fixable, but may require seperating the generator and engine. again , price reflects the amount of work required. See here for details about them.

-Easton EC90SL Fork. 43mm rake 28.6mm steerer (1 1/8") and new and uncut. $300.00

-Easton EC90SLX Fork. 43mm rake 28.6mm steerer (1 1/8") new and uncut. $310.00

-Easton EC90CX cyclocross fork. new and uncut for 28.6mm steerer. $310.00

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