Monday, June 2, 2008

Race for Alex Cat 2/3 part two

The Cat 2/3 event was a short bit after Masters and I drank, ate part of a Cliff bar and took a big swig of Gell and tried to roll around a bit. The 43 rider start wasnt too fast as I had expected it would be till a few laps in when I found myself behind a big group of guys who were going pop! Some I recognized as being in Masters, but many should have been on fresh legs. I had to go super deep and try and get around them which took me a long time, but I did it. I should say I barely did it.

Staying at the back remained what I did, though I know better. But I was tired. The one time I did get all the way to the front Dan Quinlan of Elves and More (he IS E & M) attacked and either Cioccio or one of his team mates freaked out and full sprinted THROUGH me to latch on. First I got my hand hit by his hands as he sprinted then I got knocked by a large hip. I stayed up without too much drama, but I was kind of pissed and amused at the same time.

When a dangerous move finally stuck I watched it knowing I didnt have the legs. First Freddie Fu sent a guy up and he caught Dan then a few others went with Tris who miraculously still having the legs to react springboarded from the bridge move to make the group 3. Due to the wind and high speed the group was holding the breakaway at bay and they were in danger the whole race.

I finally got back to the front and it seemed either the adrenaline of having someone in a good break or maybe I recovered, but I started to cover attacks by Pro Graphics, Cioccio's team, Weeks for Team Lake Effect and others so Brian didnt have to cover anything else. Who knows and if Tris did come back we would have Brian fresh. I dont know how many laps it was, but i was rarely further back then 2nd or 3rd wheel and I jumped after almost everything.

When they gave us the chance Freddie Fu and or Brian and I would sit on the front buying the break some time. But some pulls were fast and its amazing that we did not catch the break. We were flat out humping and it hurt. Just shows how strong Dan and Tris are.

Finally the bell lap and a guy is yelling about one good surge and well catch them. Yeah right, like the last 10 surges were what?!! I finally thought after the turn onto the bridge that they had it in the bag and I fell to the back again, but unlike the beginning it didnt take long to get back there. There easily were less than 20 left!! As we made the final corner I dropped my bike into the small chainring and watched the sprint unfold and Tris got third, but man oh man the field almost swallowed the break!

So big props again to fine teamwork and to Tris for nabbing two Top 3's in one afternoon. And both well earned by riding solo or in a small break in windy conditions.

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