Saturday, June 7, 2008

Detox ride

Too many beers, too much subway subs, greasy pizza, wicked allergies and no sleep makes Ray a tired boy on Saturday morning.

Roll out last second to meet Chris and Dave and knock out four 1 minute efforts to open the pipes and feel human again. Bike as therapy-me likey!!

I used to be plagued with allergies all spring, but now it seems it comes and goes maybe with the dogwood trees dropping that fluffy stuff. Anyways a trip to the store for some Claritin and I should be set for tomorrows Mill Creek Criterium. One of my new favorite courses.

A fun rolling 1 mile loop on a closed course with a power climb and a screaming descent. What else could you want?


cyclonecross said...

You doing the double at Mill Creek?


Ray Huang said...

Just Cat2/3 Gary.