Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A different kind of music

I have stated before that if I could do one job I would be a professional race car driver. So race cars still have a huge addiction to me though I have distanced myself from them the last few years. But this "music" video is still music to my ears.

I hope you enjoy it. Oh and Turn It Up!!!

Heres a picture of the style of karts I raced. And yes they do go 90 to 120mph and with sticky slick tires they corner very quickly. Also with disc brakes they stop very well too. I am the driver in the blue and white kart and we also raced this close in packs of 10 to 15 karts at times inches (and sometimes bumping)from each other for the entire race. Boy I miss those days sometimes. Especially when I see a video or hear those old sounds.

Grattan, MI

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MikeV said...

Nice! I remember the Audi's in IMSA and Trans-Am series. Stood next to Hans Stuck at Cleveland 1988 as his mechanics made a last minute fix before grid.