Monday, June 16, 2008

Rare air

Batman also known as Brian Batke, my team mate went to Presque Isle and almost threw down a 25 minute run!!! Theres only about 4 guys who have broken into the 25 minute barrier (and two in two or three in the 24 minute barrier (Paul Martin and is one) after 20 some years of this event.

Why didnt he should be the first question. Well a marshall let a truck on the course and the truck dead stopped on the course leaving Brian no where ot go but in the gravel on the side of the road at full tilt.

Brian said he almost crashed and his heart rate was pinned for the next mile trying to get his speed back up. He dropped 5mph and really struggled to get back on top of the gear he said. When he recovered he flew the last 3 miles and still got 2nd at 26:03 at 28.8mph ave speed. yeah-thats right, 26:03 with a near crash experience that did slow him way down.

As always the summer version of PI has the fastest times of the year and again I missed it. And this one was the fastest in a long time. Lots of guys in the mid to low 26 minute range. Man I wish I was there, but glad to see so many locals do well in my absence.

Someone is ready for the State and National TT!!! Great job Brian!!

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Brian B said...

hey, thanks for the props there. It definitely was a wild ride, not one I'd like to repeat ... but a good story now at least.