Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This really bites!

Why oh why am I such an idiot? Why did I have to push so hard in PA, like when you push hard in cyclocross and start to make mistakes because your so tired. Muscles not firing correctly, balance off, arms too tired to correct, mind mushy form the effort. Same deal when descending in PA last weekend. Old news , I know and I am not whining about it really. Its just theres all this snow outside and I cant ski!!!

I can pretty much guarantee that the day my knee feels healed I wont have time to ski, but the very next day it will be 50 degrees and all the snow will melt!!


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SpeedyChix said...

Ouch, nasty batch of falling.
Been a much better winter for XC skiing too. Nice change from the bike but I'm getting antsy to ride outside more.

Cohutta is coming WAY too fast.