Monday, February 4, 2008


Up to the loft

Well, its Monday and my daughters sick and I am limping badly. We and the Hilltoppers spent 3 great days in the beautiful Laurel Ridge Cross Country center near Somerset, PA. We spent our morning and evenings staying in 70 year old Cabins at Kooser State Park where I attempted to make fire in the stove. Me make FIRE!!

Audrey competed in 3 races throughout the weekend!! She did a 4 person relay, 2k Classic race (solo) and finished in 21:39 and a Family Enduro. I so wished I could have seen her finish the 2k Classic, but I was the caboose of the field and was cheering and encouraging on another bunny rabbit skier. I heard Audrey descended fast, made the last corner smooth and skied up to the start finish like a veteran. I am so proud!!

Way to finish

During the Family Enduro teams would take turns on a short loop (0.5k?) that was half up and half down with some fun corners. They made a really short loop for Audrey to do, but after 3 laps (while I alternated and did 3 regular loops) she decided shed rather play with Kara I went on and rode the loop a total of 11 times in a row. Almost at the end I lost my balance on the descent trying to double pole and pick up speed (more speed, more speed-always more speed!!), fell and twisted my left knee hardcore. As soon as I fell and my knee got wrenched I knew I was gonna be in a lot of hurt today. I finished another lap or two and then kneeled with me knee in the snow after the race. Natures ice pack. It was a 45 minute race and the best were doing the loop in 2 minutes flat. I was probably closer to 3:30.


So that was that. My knee is screwed up royally and I am off the bike for awhile. Luckily its not swollen, it just hurts a lot. Someday I'll learn I am not 20 anymore and to take new things slower. Good thing its only February!!


Don said...

Getting to spend time with family like you did this past weekend is truly living life. Those are good times.

Dude... Sorry to hear the news about the knee. That is not living life.

Ray Huang said...

I was just thinking "is this the sport that Audrey and I will do together?" and all that that entails. I sure hope so!!! The other 40++ kids in this program are great too. They are father and/or mother and child teams. The girls, well they shower Audrey with such attention!!

As for the knee-its a hard wake up call, but sadly one I need way too often. I hurt myself twice at Rays MTB last winter too. The same stupid way. Trying too hard too soon.