Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back on track

This has been a good week of training. Over 10 hours and 170 miles in last week. The more I rode, the better I felt and my knee just kept responding positively. On Saturday I finally got to do a workout, though strength was the goal was a good test of my fitness as I pedaled at 110% of FTP for short intervals. For certain the miles I put in this week have really helped me get back on track.

I learned a lot too as I used the intervals and data (power, HR, cadence) not only as a baseline, but as a warm-up of my legs, upper body, etc. So once good and fatigued I broke out the allen wrench, made some changes in position and then did some more intervals. I found ways to raise my wattage and lower perceived exertion and others that lowered wattage and HR consistently. I compared the data to the baseline data and that was very cool. A very good morning on the trainer indeed.

Then today the Hilltoppers had a fun day of racing and activities on cross country skis. I am going to post some pictures of Audrey skiing (of course). I am amazed at how well she skis. A natural smooth kick and her skis are always parallel.

Helping her team on the relay

She has now been introduced to racing in a fun way. I cannot describe how cool that is for me to see. And although the first few races were more like a ski tour for her, she is beginning to show some intensity and a desire to win which is really fun to see. I try and coach her "attitude" in a healthy way. I want her to try to win, but not try so hard that it no longer is fun. I talk to her about the little details like dont follow if your faster and when you pass another skier and they tell you its not a race and to stay in line behind them, dont listen!! Its true!! The world of 6 year old racing tactics!

Small, but fast

So onto this next week. I only have a few (read sarcasm) tiny things on my plate this week. So lets see there is the Conconni test on Friday, followed by a Wingate Power test then Mid-Ohio on Saturday!! Yeah thats right, racing season is almost here for me!! At Mid-Ohio I plan on racing the A or Cat1,2,3 event. Last year I shocked the system by not racing for 15 years and doing the Cat.3,4 race with some fast, fast 3's mixed in. I think I am in for a bigger shock. I dont know how many Cat.1's and 2's will do it with the Arnold Challenge on Sunday, but for sure I am excited and a wee bit nervous too. I'll be honest I am preparing my mind for a good shelling and quite a few lonely laps. But I'll be happy to be racing thats for sure. Crap, I better get that new chain on, take off the winter tires and put in those light weight tubes!! Its racing time!!

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