Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The flying mile.

On the 27th of January I did my first XC ski race. I was really sore for 3 days from the 28 minute effort. Hip flexors and thigh muscles mostly. The next weekend while up in PA I did a longer and tougher loop of 5.5k. I went all out again, but this time it took 32 minutes.

But the amazing thing to me was I wasnt sore in the least the following day. I even crashed twice. One not worthy of mention, but one would have been a good one for the sport bloopers!! Endoed, skis flying up and over my head, landed on my back. Somehow I had the ability to tuck the skis up as I flipped so that they did not dig in.

Too bad on Sunday I wasnt as quick, but it was just a whole different kind of crash. But this got me thinking that Classic skiing has a running type gate, especially uphill and I have gone uphill as hard as I can for a few miles now. I think I am ready for my next ridiculous endeavor. You know as if learning to Classic, Skate and be half way decent at it all in a couple months isnt enough.

I want to see how fast I can run one mile all out. I have recruited a very fast running friend to pace me, now I just need to get over this knee pain and get back to a steady training plan. Then boom baby!! Run a mile all out with my friend as the rabbit.

Why? Well, I know I run pretty slow. So it wont hurt to run faster for next Psycho cross season. I also have one Biathlon on my schedule this year and I'd like to be top 3 in my first ever solo effort. So to have a realistic idea of what pace I can possibly shoot for I'll need to know what kind of pace I am capable of.

Plus it just sort of fits the whole "why the hell not" attitude I seem to have these days. Am I old enough for a mid life crises? Some guys get divorced,some buy a Corvette and buy or build a trophy wife. I just find new ways to physically punish myself I guess. It just aint natural I tell you, but it is fun!!

I am going to totally guess and say I'll finish in 7:31 seconds. Why? I have no idea. Regardless you know I'll have something to say about it when I do.


ds said...

If you find a loose neighborhood dog to chase you the whole way, you could probably do it in 5:25.

Ray Huang said...

haha, actually I'd be sower because I'd stop to scratch it behind the ear. But maybe if Cujo came after me-eh??