Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, no bike testing this week and no racing this weekend most likely. Sean said its past time to get a X-Ray since its not healing soon enough. My knee is acting up and hurting again so I will go see a sports medicine doctor tomorrow (Dr. Blanda) in Akron. I initially tried to see Dr. Shah from Summa, but of course hes going out of town and I couldn't get an appointment till the 10th. Too long for me.

Well at least by tomorrow afternoon I'll know whats up with my knee.


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

good luck on the road to recovery!

Ray Huang said...

Thanks Robert. I will try to make my first race Hocking Hills for sentimental reasons. We used to go there once in awhile from Ohio State University. I once got lost and couldnt find the car or my buddies and did 80 or more miles on two bottles of water and maybe a banana or a Power Bar. It was an epic day. That was my punishment for always riding away from my buddies in the hills.