Friday, February 8, 2008

Going Nuts!!

First the great big news today. My beautiful daughter (beautiful in every way) turns 6 today!!! Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you!!! Wheeee!! My how time flies.

So I am still limping a bit. Tuesday I thought I'd give riding a try so in jeans I rode for 7 minutes. Much later that night my knee felt worse. Wednesday, knee feels different, maybe a bit better I ride 37 minutes at a whopping 50 watts!! 39/25 baby!! Beat that. I feel fine that night, but the next day my knee feels tight. Less acute pain, but hurts. I bet if I didn't do those two rides I'd be better off. So Thursday and today-no riding. Beg and plead with Sean (my coach), can I ride, come on, NO better to rest up now then fight a knee problem the next few months!! Hes right and my initial impressions, one heck of a coach. In case you were wondering. He's purty smart.

I am jonesing to ride!! Like a smoker trying to quit, my wife asks me the other day, "whats wrong, you look pissed off". I don't "think" theres anything going on, but I think I just want to exercise.

I want to push on the trainer till it hurts then hold it, rest and repeat and sweat like mad!! I want to go out for 4 hours, ride some hills and come home tired and ready to pass out on the couch!! I want to ride my TT bike, do some intervals and see if my new, disgustingly aero position also makes good power.

COME ON!!! I'm going crazy and theres only so many crunches and so much stretching you can do in a day. Come on Ray-its only February 8th!! Which, did I tell you is Audrey's Birthday?? HA HA!!


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...


Ray Huang said...

Thanks-I'll tell her!!

Knees much improved today. Might try and ride Sunday morning.

Mehul said...

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Sorry to hear about your knee Ray. Maybe this is an opportunity to look at other areas of your training? Flexibility? Core strength? Some yoga to balance your mind and get it off the riding? Good luck in any case.

What kind of camera do you use? That is a great photo!

Ray Huang said...

Thats great advice!! I do core, exercises and stretching every morning for about an hour before I eat breakfast or ride. I have a routine for Todd Palmer (LMMT) and Sean Gilbert and other things Ive read or learned.

It is a 6 megapixel Nikon D40. The lens is the 18-55, but the 55-200 is even faster (focusing).

I'll tell Audrey!!

Rick said... careful with that knee, better to bring it back slowly than to lose the season or most of it by pushing it too hard. Knee surgery is no fun.
Great picts and happy b-day, Audrey!