Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank you Hammer

6am got-up exercised
6:45 ate breakfast
7:45 pop two Hammer Anti-fatigue caps (Ammonia scavenging thingamabobs)
8:35 on the road to Thom's house and then off to Willoughby. Its really cold, but the suns shining. Coffee and warm-up at Spin. Thom fixes the shifting problem I am having-thanks td. Back on the road to Bedford to my office. Alls well at first, hands staying warm on and off. Pop one more Anti-fatigue cap, eat a Cliff bar slowly and keep rolling. But as I get close to the end of the Hawthorne Parkway I start getting tired, really tired. I realize I am not drinking much so I stop, switch out the frozen water bottle and grab a bottle out of my backpack and keep rolling. At least my new Polar water bottle lasted a couple hours this time. I hit Northfield road and I hit the wall. The last overpass by my office takes a while to go over and I feel like I am running on an empty tank.

I get to the office, hit my Hammer Recoverite like its an elixir of life, eat everything I can find in the office. I crank up the office 3 more degrees, but I am shivering like mad. Ahh-my clothes are soaked in sweat. I change, put on a jacket and start to try and recover.

I am whooped and realize how dehydrated I am. I drink and drink the rest of the afternoon, but mostly I dread the ride home. I wish I could take a nap too.

SO I get dressed, turn the heat back down in the office and roll out of the parking lot and i feel really good, despite how I just felt in the office all afternoon. Luckily I had some Heed powder at work and mix it in my water bottle and vow to drink it all on the way home. I push a few times and then ride easy. I push a few minutes and recover all the way home.

Was it the Hammer products? I dont know, but my legs didnt even feel loaded up or burn like I expected.

Final stats for today.
62.5 miles
4 hours ride time total

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