Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Get Your Cowbell On

I love this video on Don Frey's blog so I thoght I'd share it here. If this doesnt get you juiced up for some cross action then your dead or dont wear lycra.

As for cross, I got in a great rainy workout in the grass and mud tonight. I wish I had taken a pic. I must have done 50 dismounts today too. I did so many I was bound to screw one up and I did, but it wasnt a hard fall. It added to the effect all the mud and grass on my shin, shoe and sock!!

Now someone please explain this to me?? Why is it when riding on slippery trails sometimes you just start to get pulled off in some direction (usually down the scary embankment or towards the tree) as if some human flesh magnet is pulling you off trajectory? Other things today that I never knew or have forgotten like muddy wet cleats make it hard to snap into your pedal when trying to stand and sprint-best to remember that one or else. Also wood is very slippery when wet so watch where your first step after dismounting at speed lands. I put my foot right on a wet piece of wood on the trails and I looked like I was being sucked into a vortex to another galaxy. Luckily I stayed on my feet and didnt do a header into anything.

I think it is these oddities to a roadie like me that will keep me out of the A's at the Bike Authority CX series till I am ready. I have the fitness to be in the A's, but I dont want to be the one who trips on the first barrier or falls over in the sand in front of the whole field and ruins the race for those with more technical ability and less VO2.

If this makes you scared to ride next to me at cross, well good-stay well behind me then!! But never fear, I am a quick learner.

OHHH-YEAH!! MY daughters singing Wonder Boy in the tub-OH YES that ROCKS!!!


Don said...

That's so cool that your daughters sing the Wonder Boy song. :-) It's funny how that song can get stuck in your head.

Once you get your cross skills down you'll be ripping up in the A's.

Ray Huang said...

Once I get the mad skills down I'll probably be out of shape :)

Thanks for the confidence!!

Junior Bike Racer said...

Hey Ray, nice racing at Kirtland!!