Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thank You

Mark and I were riding home from hill repeats of a sort last night and got to talking about why some riders move from Cat.5 to Cat.2 in one season and why some riders with the same coaches stay Cat. 4 or 3 forever. Some coaches I guess got together to discuss what the difference is and one thing that riders who excelled quicker and reached a higher level was how closely they followed their coaches plans. It doesnt matter f the plan worked or failed for them as long as the rider did exactly what their coaches asked of them. I find that interesting because for me I have followed what my coach and others have told me to do almost without exception and lets face it, Ive had a great first year of cycling.

I call it a first year of cycling because after a 15+ year break I was happily getting dropped on every club ride within the first 5 to 8 miles. So thats like starting over from scratch to me. Why was I happy? Because I dont let that stuff discourage me-it just adds fire to my belly to improve. I knew that being dropped is only a mark of my current fitness level, not what my potential could be.

I also try and actively surround myself with people who can help me. sounds terrible?? But I dont think I am ever the guys who responds to advice with "I already knew that". I have a thirst for anything that may help me improve and I am not afraid to ask for it too. Let me be clear on that statement that that does not involve any drugs. I mean knowledge, software or equipment and training, nutritional tips.

So I feel like saying again Thank you to all those who help me to improve as a cyclist. I dont dare try to name everyone for fear of leaving out someone, but today I must shout out to those guys at Bike Authority who today helped me on almost all those fronts (technology, equipment, knowledge, training tips.....).

Thank you, thank you and thank you again!!

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