Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the eyes of a child

Who can blame me for being a kid at heart? My beautiful 5 year old kindergartener reminds me every day of the simple wonders of the world. A reminder that its Gym class day at school or the offer of a bowl of ice cream elicits such a smile that it would easily light up a ballroom.

How do people become so jaded? Its just a wheel or its just a helmet, who cares about 100grams. Sure sometimes even the most jaded person, devoid of the kid sight will have a favorite bike part that they like to strut or hope someone notices so they can talk about it. Like an anodized Chris King headset or a new carbon bar.... or maybe its all just an act, maybe jaded is cool and I am out of touch... possible, I am almost 42 years old and still say "dude".

The kid sight is a wonderful gift and I wish i could give it back to those who have lost it or never had it. In the meantime if you see my gawking at your bike or staring at something and I appear to be in my own little world, I am. I am looking at the world in the eyes of a child.

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Don said...

Chris King headsets are like candy. It would be cool to have a bike for every flavor they offer.