Friday, September 14, 2007

What happened to my spin?

I was aghast on a training ride on Tuesday how piss poor my spin had become since winter time. I am not saying that I cannot spin, I can and all the way up to 198 rpm at last check, but its just that its become well...low on quality. So ive got a cure for the spin blues. Are you already one step ahead of me? You got it-its time to build a fixed gear POS bike!!

Anyone have an old cheap frame in the basement thats between 50 and 54cm (ctr to ctr) and has horizontal dropouts? About the only requirement is to have a fork and drilled for front and rear brakes. I'll piece together the rest slowly and with the help of my friends Craigs List and Senoir Ebay. Heck if youve got more old parts that build up a fixie-by all means lets make a deal. I have a set of 32 hole tubie rims just hankering for a hubset!! ohhh a fixie with big fat cushy tubies!! Lovely.


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