Monday, September 10, 2007

A Dream Come True

I got my start into competitive cycling in college at Ohio State Universityin the late 80's. I was always on a team of some sort and with Mike Orwick (now Michael David) we also formed our own small team.

But the team that we all dreamed of being on was simply called Team Columbus. Looking good and unique for the time in there yellow and black kits on Trek Carbon fiber and aluminum bikes. Those guys were amazing with names like Braumberger, Doc Savage, Carelson they went up against the big dogs at crits and stage races and stole a lot of primes and wins from the pro teams of the day.

So fast forward to the now. I am racing hard and getting in breaks and working hard in them. I am sure in the back of my mind I am hoping someone is noticing the work I am doing.

At the conclusion of a Westlake Training race I am shooting the breeze with racers and out of the blue Brian Batke and Tris Hopkins pop me a question that blows my socks off. of course nothing as mundane as what tires I run or what cranks I like, but would I like to ride for Team Columbus (2008 edition) next season? I think I smiled from ear to ear and said "sure".

So now I am on what I truly think is the best local team. They race with aggressive tactics that always seem to end in one of the team landing in the top 3 and many times winning. They are a small team (this season only 3 riders) and yet always seem to put numbers in the break and can control the outcome of the events with smart racing.

As if I need any help in this area, but I will be even more motivated in 2008. I will be the least experienced and weakest rider in the team, but they believe and I do too that I can contribute.

I would like to thank my old team first for giving me a team to race on this summer (Snake Bite Racing) and now to Brian Batke, Tris Hopkins, Tom Frueh and Tym Tyler and Torelli Imports for taking a chance on me and without realising it fulfilling a bike racer's dream!!



Mehul said...

Congratulations Ray!

Ray Huang said...

Mehul, Thank you. Will i see you n the cross circuit?