Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Uh-oh..NO Power this winter and other ramblings..

One great thing about being a psychotic bike racer is learning more and more about how your body responds to training and racing stress. After while you can say-that feels like Z2 heart rate or that feels like L2 power and most times you would be correct or close or close enough.

Well, the next challenge is Cyclocross or as Noel calls it Psycho cross. All of my testing in Time Trialing has proven to me that I dont need a power meter to go fast anymore. Actually for short duration I may be quicker without it. But speed and wattage is not the only thing that is gained by faithfully downloading data after every ride. Cycling Peaks software has a whole arsenal of graphs and numbers that it talies for you and turns them into more data and more acronyms like TSB, TSS, CTL, ATL and on and on.

Whats this have to do with cross? Well i am not comfy about using my mega buck rear wheel in cross and thats my only way to get this lovely data. So heres the dilemma for me now (its always something). How do I keep tracking all my acronyms throughout the winter without a power meter? Well the initial answer is simple, like time trialing, you dont worry about it anymore. Train with power and race without it.

But what will I do with all those innacurately tallied acronyms?

On another note, lovely construction has ruined our usual routes. Fairmont between Richmond and Brainard one lane each way and Mayfield construction has put massive traffic on all our favorite and usually car free roads and hills.

For example at 7:20am this morning I got passed by more cars up Old Mill in 2 minutes than all the cars who passed me the previous 12 months combined. All in a mad rush to get to work too. Luckily most moved pretty far over to pass. In fact the only guy who buzzed me today was, you guessed it a white haired gent in his Mercedes convertible. Up a blind hill no less. Just shows theres really little correlation of income level and morality or intelligence. I'd say more on the subject, but then you might not like what you read.

And last today, I am publicly saying I am not doing enough Green things to save this planet. I have started to save more electricity and am encouraging my wife to do so as well. I turn off just about everything I can find when not in use. but I keep trading better and more effective training for commuting and I just have to stop doing that! The seasons about over so no more excuses!! Must commute more.

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Gary said...

You're very right about the income level vs. morality/intelligence comment. I did a lunch ride out to Burke LF airport today. As we were sitting at the turnaround point (thankfully off the road on the grass) a higher end BMW zooms by going AT LEAST 80mph in a 25mph. Must have not wanted to *contend* whith what little traffic was on I-90... If I'd have heard/seen him coming (I have to guess it was a him), I would have considered giving my waterbottle a friendly toss his way. But, then I guess I'd be no better than the motorists who throw stuff at bikers... Oh-well, end of rant.

Good to hear you're Greener; I hear Cleveland Heights has a pretty good recycling program. I wish Parma recycled cardboard...