Friday, April 18, 2008

Yeee haaa for me!!

I like to eat, dont all cyclists? Sometimes its hard to not pig out after a ride or over eat the tasty stuff and not use the excuse I'll ride it off later this season. But I have had a good two weeks (with the exception of one night of dining out and brewskies) of eating right and not snacking between meals and after dinner. The results, I am finally below 64 kilos!! OH yeah, 63.86kg baby!!

I am still trying to fuel correctly before, during and post rides. In fact better than last year for sure and a lot less protein and more carbs like I should be vs. 2007. Last year was the year of racing on protein.

But, sometimes you just have to pig out on the town and my three favortite east side eateries are Dewey's Pizza on Lee rd. I like Socrates Revenge pizza. And Don Tequila's Mexican restaurant on Green Rd.(by Cedar Rd.). The best Mexican in the city, but sadly no Mole. If you like Spicy try the Burrito Jalisco (sp?). Mmm mmm tasty.

And of course a favorite for the beer list as much as the food is the old standby The Winking Lizard. A great selection of Belgian Beers. Perfect for the Classics season. Ommegang, Ayinger or a sweet Saison...ooohhh-now I want to go to the Lizard tonight. Darn, got RATL tomorrow. Maybe Saturday!!

Chow down folks!!

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