Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On the TT bike at last!!

Sean, my coach has been giving me these interval workouts and I have been doing them on the trainer and on my TT bike due to the weather. But today I finally got to take out my P2SL with all of the many, many big and little changes from the 2007 season.

It was pure joy to get on the aero bars again, start the interval and start hauling down the road at speed. Although these were not threshold, I was still able to get going 26 to over 30mph on the wavy roads of the eastside (never flat for long, always a little up or a little down). I was amazed at how comfortable I am on the bike, how good the Toupe saddle feels and the changes in crank length, fit, shoes, footbeds and shims all seem to be working in harmony. The trainer can fool you into thinking your not comfortable. Sometimes its right, but sometimes being on the road erases a lot of aches and discomforts you experience on the trainer.

The biggest problem I had was trying to stay fully tucked, hips rotated and in the ideal aerodynamic position. Although I only have last season, it was enough to get me used to the 78ÂșTri position and I keep trying to pull myself up to the bars.

But all of the time I wasnt hammering I was still in the aero tuck hopefully starting some new muscle memory. I need to remind myself to relax this muscle, rotate this joint, drop this, etc. I will be on the TT bike all summer long, hopefully at least once a week or once every two weeks. I will adapt!!

Our brains always remember the negatives like the pain of training and how hard the races are, but you forget how good it feels to fly down the road. All the noises of the wind, gear changes and tires on pavement make a symphony of sorts. Mechanical bits and pieces and nature in chorus.

I cannot wait to put on the aero wheels, skinsuit, shoe covers, aero helmet and do battle against the clock, myself and nature. I got a taste today and I want more!!

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