Sunday, April 27, 2008

Presque Isle TT. YAHOOO!!

Audrey and her best friends

Presque Isle 2008. I felt awesome from the time I got on my bike to warm up till about 8 miles into the race, then I was in some serious pain!! Rudy Sroka pushed me all the way and that helped a bunch. Officially I got a 26:54 at 27.78mph ave speed, but, unofficially my computer shows me exactly 15 seconds faster which I think is right. So I had a 26:39 at 27.9mph. 2nd Place Overall and 2nd and 3rd for Team Columbus with Brian Batke right behind me!! The unofficial time did not chnage my overall as Joslyn from NY is just on another level from me.

It was like last spring with a slight tailwind out and headwind back in. I averaged 29.1mph out and 26.9mph back in. I had a rocket start and averaged 30.3mph for the first mile, but didnt feel like I went out too hard with a controlled acceleration from the line. I practiced starts last week about 3 times to make sure i could feel a sub 600 watt start, but sitting as fast as I could and pushing straight up to 28 to 30mph without going anaerobic.

I had so many changes from 2007 that it would seem I was trying to fix something broken, but thats not the case. This was a calculated evolution spurred on by Thom Domonic's observations while doing my footbeds and shims, Sean and Mike from BA redoing my TT fit to be UCI legal if I go to Nationals this year and some well spent money on equipment (Zipp Sub9 disc and DA 172.5 cranks,Zipp Tangent front tire, Toupe Saddle).

I have to thank Thom Domonic, Sean Gilbert, Mark Lopresto, Mike Vanucci and Rudy (for the in-race motivation and more) and my family for the big parts they played and last but not least, Michael Mischler and the Iroquois School volunteers for putting on the great event. I love this TT!!


Mike N. said...

Congratulations, Ray! That's a mighty fast TT run. I'll have to remember to grab your wheel if we ever race together.

JimmyNick said...

Way to kick some butt, Ray -- yours, and as a result, everyone else's (except one).
Can't wait to see how you do at states -- and nats???

Ray Huang said...

Thanks guys. Good legs today!! The Zipp Disc didnt hurt any either (except my pocket book)!!

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Nice Job RAYY!
I knew you could do it.

Ray Huang said...

Thanks again Robert and right back at ya!! 20.9mpha ave speeed for ya-awesome!! Some guys said after the race they didnt feel like they gave it there all, but today my thighs hurt so I know I did. Robert-tell Rudy he broke my thighs!!

A lot of interesting things to ponder post race-even without a drop of wattage data to mull over!!

burt friggin 'hoovis said...

That's awesome Ray we'd love you come to back to Erie and we can use your super computer on your bike to time the next TT. We'll give you that 15 sec. as a bonus.

Ray Huang said...

burt-no problem, but I swear I didnt make a big stink about the time, but I did ask for it to be looked into. As I told Michael, this means I just have to go as fast or faster next time!! What motivation!!!