Thursday, April 17, 2008

Track, Power, Build, Aero, Tired!!

At Westlake a member of Pista Elite talked about the Lorain Speedway Track racing series. USCF sanctioned events and can be used for upgrade points!! NIce to know with the Cleveland Velodrome hopefully coming in the future. Thom Domonic and I are planning on making it a regular or for me semi-regular weekly thing!! A bit close to the weekend for me so thats why I probably wont make it a priority. But td raced track in England I think it was so hes excited.

Me being a little guy I think I will be outclassed in a sprinter dominated sport, but I know I'll have fun and I'll learn or at least get to practice a lot of tactics for sprinting which will help in road racing. I raced some of this concrete car race track races in Columbus in the 80's. Miss and out I remember was a riot.

Also, there was an announcement about a cyclist who was injured in a bicycle/car accident and could use some help with her medical bills as she is in need of many surgeries. When get home I'll add a comment on her name and how you can help with a donation to a Fifth Third Bank i think it was.

So Tuesday was Westlake, Wednesday was the Eastside Spin hammerfest. The Spin ride was 54 miles and we averaged 19.34mph, which I thought was pretty quick for a hill ride. That never ending Southwest wind helped too. My legs are pretty tired now and untill we hit Tibbets (maybe Clevelands steepest climb) all out my legs felt like crap. After blowing out the pipes as they say my legs felt clear!! resets some short duration power numbers up Tibbets again. One by almost 40 watts.

So onto today and the same intensity workout I whiffed on Sunday on the trainer. But this time back on my TT bike. Got the power up in the 280 to 320 watt range and HR was right where it needed to be. Build, Build, Build! I can expect my legs to feel like crap on the commute home now too, till about mile 5 or 6 then they will (hopefully) feel better. More intervals tomorrow and then RATL.

I'm gonna have a sweet tailwind and its gonna be hard not to hammer home, but I think my legs will answer that with a resounding "burn" and dont go there!! I also lowered the stem on my TT bike just a bit (5mm) and so hopefully that feels good too. For some reason the door at work is like a mirror and as I rode in I saw the reflection and my oh my have we (Mike Vanucci, Sean Gilbert and I) gotten my aero set-up looking flat and fast. Need to see about cleaning up the frontal area a bit, but as I have experienced, getting narrow in front and still riding straight is not as easy as Levi makes it look!! Especially in a cross wind!! How do you fix that?/ OH yeah, ride lots or in this case, ride your T bike lots.

so thats it. A good week of training so far with lots of stress, but I keep riding hard each time. Track racing is becoming an even closer reality too!!

Oh, and I got in some frame building components like an Easton EC90 carbon rear end, bottom brackets and forks. Now to get specs on carbon and steel tubes and epoxies!! So much to learn. OH, and Zak Dieringer is building me a steel SS/Fixie cross bike. I am hoping in Fixie mode it will make a decent interim track bike. OK so now thats all!

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Ray Huang said...

The Fund is for Jill Krause and donations can be made at any Fifth Third location.