Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Frame?

Hey everyone,

I will happily consider giving away the 54cm steel frame, fork, seatpost, cages to the "right" person as described in this posting.

That would be someone who WILL use it on a regular basis (train, commute, ride, ENJOY weekly or daily), but is not in a position to buy a racing type bike at this time. I would hope the right person would race the bike, but its not necessary.

I will also consider tossing in other parts to make the bike closer to complete at no charge, but I do not have big ticket items like wheels to give away at this time. But I'll give what I can.

Seems stupid to get only $90 for something that is worth so much more to me, but no one else. But for the $90-I'd rather help out someone in need. Lets face it, I am always in want, but never in need!!



Mike N. said...

I will forward this post to the Case Cycling Club. They always have people looking for a starter road bike, and I can think of several people, offhand, who could rock out a 54cm. Hope Presque Isle goes well for you tomorrow!

marcolicious said...

I'm trying to get into road racing and i think the frame would fit me. I'm currently a college student in cleveland.

Ray Huang said...

Hey guys-thanks. Understand you still need a lot of parts to complete it!! I dont want anyone thinking I am giving away an entire bike.