Thursday, April 3, 2008

Take it all off baby!!

Go to work, pretty chilly, but sunny. Layers and layers and that back pack that roasts my back. I have added a cyclist backpack with a ram-air type cooling system as another cycling product I may never actually make. Ho many ideas, so little income....

So anyways, I walk outside before heading home. Overcast and the air feels crisp. SO I get dressed (undressed, then dressed-you get the picture), a little less then on the way in, but warm since this is a windy, but Z1 ride home. I hop on the cross bike for home and down Northfield out pops the sun. As I hit the Parkway I am too hot. Pull over and lose the leg warmers, heavy gloves, wool socks, put on knee warmers and glove liners. Grammy awards costume change #1.

Roll another mile and lose the gloves. hands are awfully white. Roll another couple of miles and pull over on the parkway again, lose the hat, lose the heavy jersey, the sleeveless jersey and put on the thin long sleeve jersey, but unzip it halfway. I'm getting cooler, but the backpacks getting bigger. Grammy awards costume change #2.

Finally comfortable and get this, a strong tailwind all the way home....thank you commuter gods!! Sun, glorious SUN!!! Sing it!! And to think its still only in the 40's and 50's. Get home, season a steak, fire up the grill (first change the battery in the igniter). OHhhh, is it spring yet? I mean real spring, not the date on the calender.

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