Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Masters 38km TT Course Revealed

Bring THIS On

Wow-now lets talk about a Challenging TT course. I thought our Ohio State TT course out in the wind and going N,S, E and West and constant rollers was tough. This is going to be a tougher challenge. Looks more like a hilly circuit race course than a TT. Willit suit me because of my weight, or will this be a raw power course?

The idea is to go this year to get a feel for a Nationals and get used to the added butterflies. Ive lined up for big bicycle and kart races before, but this will be the biggest. Then go back in 2009 with three years of riding back under my legs and really go for it. Thats assuming I dont tear my MCL again cross training! Let there be no doubts, more scary fast TT specialists show up for nationals than, well just about any other TT....and a lot our in my age bracket (40-44).

Getting closer to Presque Isle by the minute. I repositioned my Bell Meteor helmet so that the tail is no longer sticking up into the wind like last year (how come no one told me). I needed to see a pic from PI to realize how bad it was. But its now almost on my back. Lets hope thats worth a few seconds!! details, details!!

Anyways-take a look at that TT course if you have time. I see one hill looks like 300' in about a mile and constant rollers before the turnaround and right back into the rollers.


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