Friday, July 24, 2009

Single track for the soul

I was gonna take today off even though I spent two days on the trainer due to schedule and rain. But it was gorgeous today and after coning home from work I kept thinking about my mountain bike and hitting the singletrack around my house.

I went out and had a ball for an hour and half and didnt crash once. But I did bail two or three times. Which always makes me ask the question why do I always bail to the fall all the way down the hill side and not the lean into the side of the hill or tree side?

I did pull some tendons or ligaments when my cleats didnt release, but thats all.

I also found the black diamond rock garden singletrack that was just scary. I had heard about it and been steered away from it for good reason. I just cant get my mind off of how gnarly eating it would be in there. Its very cool and I can see how guys have kept it maintained, but its just way over my head.

Same old same old, I went in confident, but after walking the rock garden I had lost some confidence and wasnt as fluid anymore. But I'd say I improved since last winter. Its a momentum thing. The more things you clear that you couldnt before you get more confidnce and more daring and thats half the battle.

I sometimes think my mountain bike laughs at me though. Its such a sick-ass sweet bike that is more than capable of clearing anything the area has to offer. Its an 05 Specialized Epic FS bike with Fox front shock and Brain rear. Its way more bike than I deserve or can do justice. I can hear it saying "yeah, we can clear that, just GOOO...oh you pansy rider...go back and try again!!" "No??, you wuss." "what, now your walking me?" "GO to Walmart and get a Huffy."

But seriousely, singletrack is good for the soul. I really believe that. Its just a bit hard on the soft tissue. I cannot wait to spend a day at Mohican very soon. Its nowhere near as technical as where I ride so it should be smooth, flowing and fun.

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